Live Play By Play For Metamoris Pro

Live Play By Play For Metamoris Pro

12 of the world’s BEST JIU JITSU PRACTITIONERS will face off in six exciting matches of 20 minutes each. No points, no advantages, victory by SUBMISSION ONLY!

On Sunday OCTOBER 14th, 2012, be sure to follow the Play By Play right here

Show starts at 3:00pm California Time which is 12 pm (midnight) Paris/ Warsaw/ Belgrade time

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Ok guys, the stream has started. They are just showing the previews for the moment. Stay tune! Looks like they’re running on Brazilian time hehe : )

Ok it is on. THe stadium is still not at full capacity but it is filling up and the crowd is very loud. Rener Gracie is commentationg. They are announcing all the fighters. They have the announcer from the IBJJF tournamnets mister “DQ” The Voice Tony Torres. There are some crazy drummers. Biggest applause for Ryron Gracie and Roger Gracie. Master Rorion Gracie is giving the oppening speech and talking about the Gracie Legacy and Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle and how he wants to show the real Jiu-Jitsu hence Metamoris Pro. Rorion as usual is very well spoken.  There will be a 5,000 dollar bonus for best submission of the night.

1.First fight is Jeff Glover vs. Caio Terra. The rematch from the Jiu-Jitsu expo which saw Jeff win by points in the last moments (under IBJJF rules). Nelson Monteiro is the referree. Jeff has a 6 kilos weight advantage. They are just playing since there are no points, Jeff turns his back to Caio and Caio pinches his butt! LOL! They are both playing and giving up positions.This is really human chess.Caio gets and armbar and triangle/ omoplata but Jeff defends. Jeff seems to be going for the deep water startegy where he is defending all of Caio’s attacks. Jeff toeholds Caiao but Caiao is just laughing at him and not even defending and escaping. 9 mins left. Caiao is attacking the arm and now has a reverse mounted triangle, it is tight! Caio gets his arm and taps Jeff! Amazing! The crowd is on their feet! Very impressive.  

Caio Terra vs. Jeff Glover at Metamoris Pro

 2.Next match is Rafael Lovato Jr vs Kayron Gracie. Lovato is a multiple time world champion, and the most decorated American BJJ player. Kayron is a very skillfull world class black belt who has big wins. This will be exiting. Lovato has a 6lbs weight advantage on Kayron. They start tying up, and grip fighting. No playing around. Kayron pulls open guard. Kayron sweeps. This looks a regular match with nobody giving up postions. Marcio Feitosa is in Kayron’s corner. Saulo Ribeiro is coaching Rafael. Lovato attcks on a straight footlock and is reaping the leg, which is allowed. Lovato gets ontop and is trying to pass Kayron’s leg lasso guard. Rafael passes the guard, Kayron turtles, and Rafael get his back attcks the trainagle but kayron defends and Kayron ends up on top.  They are back up and Rafael throws Kayron. 10 mins left. Rafael passes the guard and taps Kayron with a nasty kimura from north south position! Wow! Kayron was looking tired and Rafael looked much more determined to pass and attack.

Rafael Lovato Jr vs. Kayron Gracie at Metamoris Pro

3. Next up Kron Gracie Vs Otavio Souza. This should be exciting. Kron should be coming out all guns blazing. Otavio is a beast and has a very dangerous game. Kron is 11lbs lighter. Kron pulls guard and now has a full guard. Rickson os in Kron’s corner. Otavio is working agressivly to pass Kron’s guard. They are back and Otavio pulls closed guard. Kron working to pass, Kron sits and Otavio ends up on top. Kron now on top. 10 mins left. Bothe players have very good gaurds and they are cancelling each others game. Kron goes for reaping staright footlock but Otavio escapes. Kron passes the guard with 3mins left!!! Kron taps Otavio from side mount with an armlock!!! Rickson Gracie armlock from the side mount! Amazing! Ice Cream Kron Gracie!Kron Gracie submits Otavio Sousa by armbar with approximately 3 minutes remaining. #bjj #jiujitsu #metamoris  (Taken with Instagram)

 Kron Gracie said in the after fight interview that under regular IBJJF rules, he may not have won as Otavio is so strong under 10 mins, but in a longer fight, he will end up catching him. Great point and food for thought.

4. Next is Dean Lister vs Xande Ribeiro. This is a No Gi match with heel hooks allowed. Both are ADCC champions. 2 very accomplished grapplers. Dean will go for the foot for sure. Feeling each other out. Dean double leg but Xande sprawls. Dean pulls guard. Xande passes Dean’s guard with a double underhook pass, and catches Dean’s arm, Dean defends very calmly, Dean almost catches Xande’s foot but Xande escapes by getting up. Xande now on top in half guard. Dean is taunting Xande by standing in front of him holding his waist. Dean pulls close guard. Dean triangle to entangle Xande’s leg. Xande passes the guard and gets Dean’s arm, he fully extends Dean’s arm but Dean Escapes! The Boogeyman is not scared! Xande passes the guard again. 4 mins left. Xande tries the dame armbar but Dean defends, they are back up. They are on the ground, Dean grabs Xande’s leg, but Xande pulls free. Dean sweeps Xande. They are battling. 20 mins are up and it’s a draw! Great fight. It’s amazing that Dean didn’t tap from that tight armbar! 

Xande Ribeiro vs Dean Lister at Metamoris Pro

5. Next is Andre Galvao vs Ryron Gracie. This match is the most mysterious as we haven’t seen Ryron compete in the last 8-9 years. Andre is for sure top 3 at the moment in sports Jiu-Jitsu and submission wrestling. Will Ryron tap if he gets caught by Andre? They are exchanging grips, Andre kouchi gari takes down and immediatly passes Ryron’s guard. Ryron is under north south but looks relaxed. Ryron, spins out. Andre trying to pass the guard again, Ryron gives him the mount and sweeps Andre right away! They are back up. Ryron pulls guard. Ryron gives him the mount but Andre goes to sidemount. Andre has the lapel grip but Ryron defends well. 10 mins left. Andre back in top half guard. Ryron is just so calm. Ryron does a beautiful escape and recovers guard. 6mins left. Ryron had a footlock but Andre escapes. Andre is working to pass but Ryron has a great guard. Andre seems tired. Ryron looks much more determined and attacking. Andre looks tired and pulls guard. They are back up. Andre pulls closed guard. Ryron working to pass. Ryron working a footlock but Andre defends calmly. Time runs out. Great match, back and forth action. This fight would have been even bettter in a no time limit format. Galvao started strong but didn’t put Ryron in any danger. Ryron came back back strong and looked much more dangerous in the last 5 mins. 

In the post fight interview, a frustrated Andre said that he invites Ryron to fight under his rules (sport Jiu-Jitsu ) to see what would happen.  the crowd booes him.

Photo: Congratulation bro!!

 6. Roger Gracie vs. Marcus Almeida. Alright folks this is the big one. Buchecha strts very agressive. and tries to jump to the back. Buchecha double leg takedowns Roger. In top half guard now. Roger is turtleing but has Buchecha;s foot trapped. They are back up. Roger pulls guard, Buchecha catches Roger is a tight toe hold, they roll over 2-3 times, this is dangerous! Roger comes up on top and ends up on top half guard. Buchecha goes upside down and tries roll over Roger, but Roger has great balance nad he passes his guard. Buchecha recomposes back to fulll guard! Roger now in Buchecha’s guard. 8 mins left. Roger opens the guard. Buchecha butterfly sweeps Roger!!! And gets Roger’s back but Roger gets back into the guard. They are back up, Roger pulls guard, and Buchecha working to pass Roger’s guard, they are back up, 3 mins left, Buchecha pulls guard, Roger stands up to open but Buchecha berimbolo sweeps , and jumps on Roger’s back and immediatly attacks Roger’s arm and has a fully extended armbar on Roger!!! Roger is incredibly defending his extended arm and manages to escape his head and comes back on top with 20 secs left. Time runs out. It’s a draw but Buchecha was extremely impressive and for sure dominated this fight and almost tapped Roger.