Finnish BJJ Open 2016: Winners Get Sponsorship for IBJJF Worlds

Finnish BJJ Open 2016: Winners Get Sponsorship for IBJJF Worlds


The Finnish BJJ Open 2016 will be held in Pasila Sports Hall, Helsinki, Finland, April 16th to 17th!

The Finnish Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation sponsors the champions of blue belt, purple belt and brown/black belt (blue belt and purple/brown/black belt for the women) weight categories with 800 euros for the traveling costs to IBJJF Mundial 2016!

The FBJJF sponsors the champions of all absolute categories with 400 euros for the traveling costs to any competition in the next year (by April 17th, 2017)! The absolute category sponsorship may be used together with the weight category sponsorship for the IBJJF Mundial 2016.

The FBJJF sponsorship is a reimbursement of traveling costs verified with receipts. The FBJJF will reimburse any traveling costs (flights, registration fees, accommodation) up to 800 euros for the IBJJF Mundial 2016 regardless of the date of purchase. Therefore, you may choose to book your flights or register for the Mundial beforehand and the FBJJF will reimburse you afterwards.

Black belts who do not have sufficient IBJJF Ranking Points to qualify for the IBJJF Mundial 2016 can use the sponsorship for any competition within the next year. This applies ONLY to black belts and ONLY if the Ranking Point requirements are not met.


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All information, including venue, schedule and competition invitation, can be found on the FBJJF event website.


Kindly notice that the lowest participation fee period expires on March 27th!

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