Europe’s First EBI Rules Sub Only Tournament: Dragon’s Den Cup

Europe’s First EBI Rules Sub Only Tournament: Dragon’s Den Cup

Dragon’s Den Cup- EBI Rules Submission Only Tournament.

The Polish grappling scene is among the fastest evolving and most exciting ones in Central / Eastern Europe. Both GI and NOGI tournaments abound and grapplers have the opportunity to compete almost every weekend by the IBJJF and ADCC rule set. And as the evolution of grappling arts continues the popularity of submission-only tournaments is on the rise.

On January 14th 2017 in the city of Radom (a mere 100 km from the capital city Warsaw) grapplers from all styles will have the chance to compete in an EBI rules tournament. For those not familiar with the rule set: it’s a NOGI, submission-only tournament; allowed techniques resemble those legal in ADCC; if no submission is executed during the match (4-6 minutes depending on the category) there is an overtime round, which starts either from the armbar position or from the back.

Relatively short fight time, no points and overtime rounds make for a very exciting show, thus the popularity of the tournaments hosted by Eddie Bravo – the inventor of this rule set.
Dragon’s Den Cup organizers have put together a big pool of prizes, which amounts to over 5000 euros in total. In addition to attractive prizes, there will be money prizes for the winners of the PRO category.

Below you will find more info about the rules, categories etc.:

Date: Saturday 14.01.2017
Place: Hala sportowa zespołu szkół budowlanych w Radomiu ul. Kościuszki 7
Contact: Łukasz Bilski 0048 609 147 444 / dragonsdencup@gmail.com
Competitor’s fee:
Adults, Women and Master:
50 PLN
after 14.12.1016 – 70 PLN
on the competition day – 100 PLN)

Send email with – First & Last Name / Division (PRO or AMATEUR / weight class / Payment Confirmation
Payment:Account #: 02114019770000597342001002 mBank
Payment must be transferred until 14.12.2016.
Emails without confirmation of payment will not register the competitor!

Will be announced 48 hours before the date of the tournament
In case of unforeseen events organization, schedule and other technical details could be changed accordingly.
• winner of each category gets a diploma, medal and Dragon’s Den Cup rashguard by AsuraWear
• 2nd and 3rd place in each category get a diploma, medal and clothes by AsuraWear
• the best team gets cup (points: 10 – 6 – 4)
• additional prizes depending on sponsors

• Rashguard of any color with sleeves long or short (required)
• Grappling shorts (required)
• Leggins, mouthguard, wrestling shoes – optional
• Banned: kneepads, ear guards, wraps, braces, groin protectors

• time: 4 minutes AMATEUR / 6 minutes PRO
• ways to win:
– Make opponent give up (tap out) within the time limit opponent´s disqualification after the time limit ends, extra time will be announced without any rest. One of Competitors (picked via coin toss) will choose position: “back with seatbelt” or “spiderweb” (armbar position). The goal is to finish opponent / escape to safe position. Then positions will be changed and the other Competitor will choose his starting position. The clock starts with Ref command opening the extra time rounds. Winner is the one with faster submission or faster escape.
– Disqualification

• in accordance with ADCC rules (AMATEUR will fight with intermediate rules; PRO with Pro rules)
• no brown and black belts in AMATEUR Division
• MASTERS Division by AMATEUR rules / ADCC intermediate


Masters: 30 years and older
Amateur: white / blue belt / under 4 years of training experience under -77 kg, over 77 kg
Elite (purple/brown/black belts) under -77 kg, over 77 kg
o adults: 18 years and older

AMATEUR white / blue / purple belt / under 4 years of experience*
PRO purple / brown / black belt / judo black belts / sambo & wrestling champions at national level / over 4 years of experience
-65,9 kg
-76,9 kg
-87,9 kg
-98,9 kg
+99 kg
• Competitors will fight according to Intermediate ADCC rules in two weight classes: -60 kg, over 60 kg
– Every competitors under 18 years has to have a note with parents signature allowing them to take part in Dragon’s Den Cup tournament.
– Weigh-ins while wearing competition uniform
– If anyone fail to his/her weight category will be disqualify without giving starting fee back.
– There is no weight tolerance.
– It is possible to participate in more categories i.e. Adult and Master (each category has own registration and payment).
– If there are few competitors in category then categories will be joined.
*ANYBODY caught cheating and purposefully lowering their experience level will be disqualified. Starting fee will not be refunded.