Craig Jones Shares Most Exciting Grappling Event (In His Opinion)

Craig Jones Shares Most Exciting Grappling Event (In His Opinion)

What’s your pick for the most exciting grappling event?
IBJJF gi or no-gi tournaments? ADCC? NAGA? Or something else?

Well, for Craig Jones the most exciting grappling event is – the Quintet.
A team tournament-style event.

He revealed why in a recent “El Segundo” podcast episode:

I think, personally, the most exciting grappling events that have ever been put together were Quintet, because they found a way to make stalling exciting.

The worst part of our sport is when nothing’s happening, right? But Quintet would always be a 4-team tournament, and each team would consist of 5 people under 940lbs or something.
So you obviously could structure that however you want.

You could get a couple of fu*king giants and a couple of midgets in there, you could have 5 even level guys.

Jones explained how stalling is made exciting in Quintet:

What would make it exciting would be that stalling could be strategic, you know what I mean?

Like, if your team’s not as good as the other team and you’re facing someone who’s really, really good; you know, maybe an elite-level guy on the other team…
And you’re just, like: “Sh*t, if I survive then this guy’s out of the event”, because it’s last man standing.

So really, stalling becomes exciting now, because there’s a skill discrepancy.
It becomes fun to watch this really good guy try to beat a guy who’s shelling up.

There are additional reasons why Craig Jones believes that Quintet is the most exciting grappling event:

The teams environment makes it so stressful because it’s like, you can’t really warm up, you don’t know when you’re gonna go.

Once you elect your 5-man lineup, you can’t change it until round 2 of the event.