8th OPEN Polish ADCC Championship . Special award in the elite class will be ticket to European trials in september

The event will be held under patronage of ADCC and President of the city of Szczecin and will be conducted under ADCC rules. The organizer is „Berserker’s Team” Martial Sports Association.
Place:  Sports Hall of No 74 Primary School, Seledynowa 50 street, Szczecin
Date: April 21. Enrollment plus participation fee until April 16, 2012.

Enrollment deadline: 
Enrollment only via registration panel at www.zawody.grappling.pl
Registration deadline is April 16, 2012 24:00.
Weight check: before first fight.
Registration of competitors can only be done by team leaders.
No registration will be allowed after registration deadline!
Registration fee in the amount of 60zł per competitor is to be paid to the specified bank account only by team leaders. The total amount to be transferred needs to correspond to the total number of competitors registered in the registration panel.Registration fee to be paid before April 16, 2012.
Bank account details:
Stowarzyszenie Sportów Walki „Berserker’s Team” ING Bank Śląski 66 1050 1559 1000 0023 0308 4905
(reference: „registration fee + name of the club + name of the person ma king the payment”)
Competition schedule:
8:00 – 8:30 registration check
9:00 competition start according to the schedule which will be provided on April 19, 2012.
Registration check will be performed by team leaders who are to provide documents as below:
– competitor list (according to the template which will be provided in the registration panel),
– medical check forms for every competitor,
– in case of under aged competitors – parental consent to participate confirmed by team leader by signature and stamp.
– Insurance for all competitors.
Elite and imtermediate
  • – 65.9kg
  • – 76.9 Kg
  • – 87.9 Kg
  • – 98.9 Kg
  • + 99 Kg
  • -50kg
  • -57kg
  • +57kg
( junior: age 15-18, beginner: less than 2 years experience in grappling sports)
  • -45kg
  • -50kg
  • -55kg
  • -60kg
  • -65kg
  • -70kg
  • -75kg
  • -80kg
  • -85kg
  • -90kg
  • -95kg
  • -100kg
  • +100kg
Beginner and Junior weight divisions are a subject to change.
This year – for the first time – a MASTERS division will be held (over 35 years of) with only two weight categories -77kg and +77kg.
Time limits
  • Qualification bouts: 6 minutes, first 3 minutes no points.
  • Finals: 10 minutes, first 5 minutes no points however penalty point will be awarded.
  • 3/5 minutes overtime in case of draw.
Every competitor will receive a souvenir t-shirt by Pitt-Bull West Coast.
Places 1 – 3 will be awarded medals and diplomas (prizes for elite and women categories)
This year no financial prizes will be awarded. Special prizes will be awarded instead:
  • Elite division: transportation to the European ADCC Championships – September 2012.
  • Absolute division: gold medalists will receive free participation in the Berserkers Team Summer Training Camp 26.07-02.09.