5th Polish Championship in No Gi Jiu-Jitsu, 21-22 February 2015

5th Polish Championship in No Gi Jiu-Jitsu, 21-22 February 2015


V Polish Championship No-Gi Jit-Jitsu 2015
Date : 21-22 February 2015

Place: Sports and Entertainment hall of Luboń
(Kołłątaja 2, Luboń 62-030, (near to Poznań) Poland)

Rules : IBJJF

– specially prepared for this edition medals
– diplomas
– The aggregate amount of money is 14 000 zł.It’s about 3,500 €.

(Five golden places in the most planted categories in white, blue, Purple and brown divisions will receive 500zł)
– gifts in the form of clothes

Registration panel: www.no-gi.pl
Start: 5 styczeń
End: 5 luty (do 23.59)
On championship day registration is not possible!

-70zł until 5 February
-100zł from 6 February to 12 February
After  12 February registration is not possible!
Bank details
Stowarzyszenie Sportów i Sztuk Walki ALLIANCE
ul. Omańkowskiej 93d/15
60-465 Poznań
26 1240 6595 1111 0000 5623 9502
In the title “Name+belt+weight+club”
ex. “Jan Nowak+white+55,49+Alliance”

IBAN – PL26 1240 6595 1111 0000 5623 9502

In the event of a transfer of group sending, please enter all the names in the title for which is paid starter or send an email with the full list of people.

For those that pass the Polish Post payment is required to confirm the transfer scan
info@no-gi.pl later than February 6. In another case, a player does not enter into rivalry, and the money will not be refunded.
NOTE! All payments must be found no later than Friday – February 6 Club account, otherwise the player will not join the competition, and the money will not be returned
IMPORTANT !!! The player will be allowed to fight only if they submit to the organizer for the verification of accident insurance and a valid medical examination!
If it turns out in the verification of group insurance, it must have a full list of names of persons insured.
Juvenile,Teen, Junior – also consent to the start of their parents or legal guardians!

Players competing in the category of black belts must be black RASH GUARD IBJJF comply with the requirements.

You will be able to do research on the medical professions – the cost is 60 PLN.
The exact times of the presence of a doctor will be given after the announcement of the schedule.

Divisions and weights

Will be held the following categories:
– Juniors: no breakdown lanes
– Younger-juniors: no breakdown lanes
– Junior: no breakdown lanes
– Women: white stripes, blue stripes, colorful stripes
– Adult: white belts, blue belts, purple belts, brown belts, black belts
– Master: white belts, blue belts, purple belts, brown belts, black belts

Player is verified and vases before the first fight
All weights are weights player dressed in costume, in which the start. Exceeding the weight will be disqualified.

Junior(Year of Birth 2003-2005):

Teen (Year of Birth 2000-2002):

Juvenile (Year of Birth 1998-1999):

Juvenile Female (Year of Birth 1998-1999)

Adult (Year of Birth 1997 and previous)
-97,49 kg
+97,49 kg

Master (Year of Birth 1985 and previous)
-97,49 kg
+97,49 kg



White belt category is a category of amateur and can not compete in the Judo players, Jiu-Jitsu, Stocks, Sambo having any experience in these sports.

Players having brown and black belts in grappling disciplines (Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, Wrestling) must compete in at least category purple belt. Players holding degrees below brown belt compete in the category of blue stripes.
Czas walki:

Junior: 4min

Teen: 4min

Juvenile: 5 min

– White belt: 5 min
– Blue belt: 6 min
– Purple, Brown, Black belt: 7 min

– White belt: 5 min
– Blue belt: 6 min
– Purple belt: 7 min
– Brown belt: 8min
– Black Belt: 10 min

– White belt: 5 min
– Blue belt: 5 min
– Purple belt: 6 min
– Brown belt: 6min
– Black Belt: 6 min

The planned schedule of competitions, which can be changed:
Saturday February 22:
-Adult White belt
-Master White belt

Sunday February 23:
-Adult Blue belt
-Master Blue belt
-Adult Purple belt
-Master Purple belt
-Adult Brown belt
-Master Brown belt
-Adult Black belt
-Master Black belt

The exact schedule of the competition and the ladder will appear after the close of registration.

-mobile.: +48 508037037
-email: info@no-gi.pl

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