2014 Serbian Open Results & Pictures

2014 Serbian Open Results & Pictures

One of the best & most prestigious BJJ competitions in the region: The Serbian Open BJJ Championship was held in Belgrade, Serbia on the 25 th of October! It was organised by the BJJ federation of Serbia.

Next big meeting is on December 6th, 2014 for the first ever World Pro Jiu-Jitsu championship in the Balkans: The Serbia National Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2014.
The prizes are exceptional as the UAE Jiu-Jitsu federation is offering 17 all inclusive travel packages airplane ticket+ hotel + food) and 1,500 prize money to send winners to Abu Dhabi to compete at the World Pro finals in April 2015.
The event will be held in Belgrade, Serbia on Saturday December 6th at the prestigious SC Sumice sports hall which is home to the yearly Serbian BJJ Open and Cup.


Serbian Open Photo album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.874835145890562.1073741851.217540194953397&type=1

Serbian Open 2014 Full results


Female -60kg
1.Andrea Sučević constrictor neves checkmat
2.Biljana Mitrović Mata Leao A-Force BJJ MNE
3.Danijela Pavić Zerjal team
3.Jovana Petrović Zerjal team
1.Nikoletta Szmolka bjj pecs
2.Svetlana Savić lutador alliance
3.Daniela Njaradi constrictor nevescheckmat
3.Anamarija Rušanac nevescheckmat Donji Miholjac
1.Nikoletta Szmolka
2.Svetlana Savić
3.Jovana Petrović
3.Andrea Sučević

Male white belts

white belt -64kg
1.Leonid Todorov zenit Bulgaria
2.Nikola Kostadinovski the strongest roots bjj Macedonija
3.Predrag Brkić gracie barra BG
3.Petar Mitković rio grappling bg

white -70kg
1.sStefan Spasić secutor
2.Vahan Petev twisted jj
3.Nikola Lukić lutador
3.Dejan Maksimović old school

white -76 kg
1.Filip Randjelović caminho
2.Luka Lukić zerjal team
3.Marjan Milanović caminho
3.Saša Dobrohotov zerjal team

white -82.3kg
1.Stefan Pecevski the strongest roots macedonia
2.Nenad Glušac zerjal team
3.Jovan Manojlović old school
3.Stefan Bogdanivić lutador

white -88.3kg
1.Aleksandar Trposki karlos maia
2.Aleksa Šćepanović old school
3.Krisztian Kiss bjj pecs
3.Mirza Hamzić zerjal team

white -94.3kg
1.Miloš Matijašević zerjal
2.Kenan Nikšić rio grappling BiH
3.Toplica Djordjević caminho
3.Raša Milovanović lutador

white -100.5kg
1.Daniel Stetz bjj pecs
2.Jordan Rajković lutador
3.Nemanja Nikodijević zerjal
3.Aleksa Lazović caminho

white +100.5
1.Vukašin Simović gracie barra bg
2.Nikola Eraković bb lutador
3.Benjamin Jović gracie barra bg
1.Daniel Stetz
2.Stefan Pecevski
3.Nemanja Nikodijević
3.Nikola Lukić


Blue Belts

1.Aleksandar Zatkoski the strongest roots
2.Adi Isović rio grappling BiH

1.Emil Hristov frota team noguiera
2.Martin Yordanov ipon bulgaria
3.Svetislav Madzarević lutador
3.Vuk Vidojević rio grappling bg

1.Aleksandar Dimitrov twisted jj
2.Zoran Pavlović zerjal team
3.Dimitrije Malašev zerjal team
3.Velimir Ratković zerjal team

1.Lybomir Cincev real pain zenith bulgaria
2.Ivor Košić sekutor
3.Marko Karamarković zerjal team
3.Bojan Dikov the strongest roots

1.Vladimir Popović lutador
2.Šćepan Drinčić fit jiu jitsu
3.Aleksandar Pavić zerjal team
3.Saša Kosijer Old school

1.Djordje Nešović zerjal team
2.Ivo Dimitrov twisted jiu jitsu
3.Igor Delić zerjal team
3.Vasil Petrov twisted jiu jitsu

1,Nikola Milovanivić caminho
2.Dragan Miljković lutador
3.Dejan Jovičić secutor
3.Pavle Cvorovic fit jiu jitsu

1.Slaviša Damjanović old school
2.Vladislav Šćepanović gracie barra bg
3.Saša Žegarac zerjal team
3.Velibor Dragaš zerjal team

1.Saša Kosijer old school
2.Marko Popović Mata Leao A-Force BJJ MNE
3.Slaviša Damjanović old school
3.Aleksandar Pavić zerjal team

Purple/brown/black belts

1.Marko Jokmanović Mata Leao A-Force BJJ MNE
2.Michal Lednicky jiu jitsu Slovakia

1.Vladimir Prodanonić constrictor neves checkmat
2.Tsvetozar Penov twisted jiu jitsu
3.Branko Simonović zerjal team
3.Nemanja Aleksić lutador

1.Konstantin Tsvetanov twisted jiu jitsu
2.Danilo Slović rio grappling bg
3.Nikola Lazović caminho
3Emir Delijić centurion jiu jitsu pg

1.Konstantin Popović zerjal team
2.Vladan Gužvić old school

1.Damir Uglik constrictor neves checkmat
2.MartinBuday clube de jiu jitsu pit bul nitra
3.Momir Ćućuz zerjal team

1.Momir Ćućuz zerjal team
2.Konstantin Popović zerjal team
3.Nikola Lazović caminho

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