2014 Hungarian BJJ Open Results

2014 Hungarian BJJ Open Results



The 10th Edition of the Hungarian BJJ Open was another smashing success with over 400+ competitors from all over Europe competing in Budapest, Hungary. The location was superb with 8 mats being used. It’s great to see that there were lots of children and female competitors. It’s proof of BJJ’s growth in Hungary and the region.

Here are the X BJJ Open HUNGARY 2014 Results:

Academy Results :
1- Gracie Barra Hungary
2- Carlson Gracie Hungary

(Grupo 1) -27kg:
1-Lozhkin Anatolii (Gracie Barra Russia)
2- Lückl Zsombor (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Hantos Attila (Gracie Barra Hungary)

1- Lykov Ilia (Gracie Barra Russia)
2- Daskó Bende (Gracie Barra Hungary)

1- Ikov Artem (Gracie Barra Russia)
2- Grosch Levente (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Kalla Henrik (Gracie Barra Hungary)

2- Viktória Földešiová (Gracie Barra Pitbull Nitra)

1-Tornike Pilia (Roger Gracie Vienna)
3- Foldesi Bálint (Gracie Barra Hungary)

1-Vikol András (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
2-Kolczonay Csenge (Bjj Pécs)
3- Lückl Levente (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Major Marcell (Gracie Barra Hungary)

1-Philipp Pavic (Gracie Barra Vienna)
2-Réfi Sándor (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Horváth Kevin (Gracie Barra Hungary)

1- Tóth Bence (Bjj Pécs)
3- Nagy Gergely (Gracie Barra Hungary)

1- Kalla Levente (Gracie Barra Hungary)
1- Kalla Levente (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Taricska Viktor (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Ilyés Barnabás (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3-Király Balázs (Gracie Barra Hungary)

1- Tóth Zoltán (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Surmi Mikhail (Gracie Barra Russia)
3- Hoszpodár Patrik (Gracie Barra Hungary)

1- Borkó Sándor (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Smolek Viktor (Kimura Fight Club)
3- Gungl Gréti (Bjj Pécs)

1-Kovalenko Dimitri (Gracie Barra Russia)
2-Tóth Anett (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Tóth Alexandra (Kimura Fight Club)

1-Li-chi Aleksandr (Gracie Barra Russia)
2- Varga Márk (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Mogyorosi Anna (Bjj Pécs)
3-Király Fanni (Gracie Barra Hungary)

1-Nyíri Péter (UTE judô)
2-Szöllösi Ádám (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
3- Kovalev Andrey (Gracie Barra Russia)

1- Hubicska Gábor (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Kalla István (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Slaven Poznić (LEO NEVES/CHECKMAT)

1- Horváth Ferenc (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Trunov Romav (Gracie Barra Russia)
3- Tömpe Tamara (Kimura Fight Club)
3-Koczák Béla (Gracie Barra Hungary)

1- Guilherme Rocha (Gracie Barra Pernanbuco)
2- Mészaros Maárk (Fox Sport)
3- Krizsán Kristóf (Bjj Pécs)

1- Kiss Balázs (Kimura Fight Club)
2- Strlnikov Kirill (Gracie Barra Russia)
3- Dudás Roland (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3-Wolfram Mayr (Gracie Barra Vienna )
White belt ADULT:

White belt -64kg:
1-Balogh Attila (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2-Donát Sófi (Carlson Gracie Team Hungary)

White belt -70kg:
1-Gálik Máté Benjámin (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2-Michal Balla (BJJ Slovakia)
3- Szabó Péter (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3-Ancza Zoltán (Gracie Barra Hungary)

White belt -76kg:
1-Tóth Bálint (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
2-Bálint Valentin (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
3- Dedenkulov Alexey (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
3-Dualszky Ákos (Carlson Gracie Hungary)

White belt -82kg:
1- Glušac Nenad (Zerjal team)
2- Takács Zoltán (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Philipp Gaertner (Gracie Barra Vienna)
3-Hoang Norbert (Gracie Barra Hungary)

White belt -88kg:
1- Vedran Čugalj (LEO NEVES/CHECKMAT)
2- Bokros Balázs (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Kiss Krisztián (Bjj Pécs)
3-Floria Hassl (Gracie Barra Vienna)

White belt -94kg:
1- Kocsis Zoli (Bjj Pécs)
2- Mike Szelám (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Keresztesi Ádám (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3-Szecsődi Péter (Carlson Gracie Hungary)

White belt -100kg:
1- Perger Balázs (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
2- Péter Kristóf (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Lyashko Stanislav (Gracie Barra Russia)

White belt +100kg:
1- Bedi Ákos (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
2- Nenad Rdkoć (Gracie Barra Belgrade)
3- Manninger Mátyás (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
3-Rosy Adrian (Acvila/BJJ)

White belt OPEN CLASS :
1- Zoltán Varga (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Czuprik István (Combat Club Debrecen)
3- Czetin Zoltán (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3-Dedenkulov Alexey (Carlson Gracie Hungary)

White belt MASTER:

White belt -75kg:
1-Jónás Krisztián (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
2-Johannes Happ (Gracie Barra Vienna)
3- Oláh Erik (Gracie Barra Hungary)

White belt -85kg:
1-Ivan Vrstoshek (Zerjal team)
2-Sándor József (Colonia fight club)
3- Varga Ákos (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3-Mede Szabolcs (Bjj Pécs)

White belt -95kg:
1- Czuprik István (Combat Club Debrecen)
2- Mihail Marinov (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Horváth Péter (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Varga Ákos (Gracie Barra Hungary)
Blue belt ADULT:

Blue belt -64kg:
1- Szucs Balazs (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2-Marc Winkler (Gracie Barra Vienna)
3- Nagy Zoltán (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3-VJ Ramos (Gracie Barra Vienna)

Blue belt -70kg:
1- Erwin Kovács (Gracie Barra Vienna)
2- Rákóczi Tamás (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Aleksandar Stojanović (KBJJ Darda)
3- Xinogalosz Andreasz (Gracie Barra Hungary)

Blue belt -76kg:
1-Ivan Rakocija (LEO NEVES/CHECKMAT)
3-Tihomir Popović (LEO NEVES/CHECKMAT)
3-Erik Kováč (clube de jiu jitsu pitbull slovakia)

Blue belt -82kg:
1- Börönte Ferenc (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Horváth Erik (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Vedran Simeunović (LEO NEVES/CHECKMAT)
3- Daniel Nesyba (Gracie Barra Vienna)

Blue belt -88kg:
1- Keszler Dávid (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Martin Minar (Clube de Jiu Jitsu Pitbull Nitra Slovakia)
3- Antonovich Gáspár (Gracie Barra Vienna)

Blue belt -94kg:
1- Marc Grayson (Gracie Barra Hunter Valley)
2- Töreki László (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
3- Belecz Péter (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Geiger Màté (Gracie Barra Hungary)

Blue belt +100kg:
1- Kósa Péter (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Nereo Malovac (LEO NEVES/CHECKMAT)
3-Bojan Golubović (Gracie Barra Belgrade)

Blue belt OPEN CLASS :
1- Kósa Péter (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Martin Minar (Clube de Jiu Jitsu Pitbull Nitra Slovakia)
3- Keszler Dávid (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Erdős Máté (Gracie Barra Hungary)
Blue belt MASTER:
Blue belt -75kg:
1- Aristides Ktorides (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Sascha Langer (Gracie Barra Vienna)
3- Nemanja Radisavljevic (Gracie Barra Belgrade)
3- Kerpács Rezső (Gracie Barra Hungary)

Blue belt -85kg:
1- Földváry Zoltán (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
2- Szijártó Balázs (Gracie Barra Hungary)

Blue belt -95kg:
1- Makó Dávid (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- File Béla (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Weber Zsolt (Gracie Barra Hungary)

Purple belt ADULT:

Purple belt -75kg:
1- Tábori Kristóf (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Romanek Bence (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- jovanovic Andrej (LEO NEVES/CHECKMAT)

Purple belt -85kg:
1- Süle Szilárd (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Philipp Dietl (Gracie Barra Vienna)
3- Tóth Bence (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
3- Marko Jovanovic (LEO NEVES/CHECKMAT)

Purple belt -95kg:
1- Dominik Olszewski (Grappling Krakow)
2- Kárászi Balázs (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Fazekas András (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Cselőtei Tamás (Carlson Gracie Hungary)

Purple belt +95kg:
1- Martin Buday (clube de jiu jitsu pitbull slovakia)
2- Fábián Balázs (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Kiss Lehel Kiss Lehel

Purple belt OPEN CLASS :
1- Martin Buday (clube de jiu jitsu pitbull slovakia)
2- Dominik Olszewski (Grappling Krakow)
3- Tóth Bence (Carlson Gracie Hungary)
3- Cselőtei Tamás (Carlson Gracie Hungary)

Purple belt MASTER:

Purple belt -85kg:
1- Tóth Zoltán (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Danijel Brajcic (Gracie Barra Belgrade)

Purple belt +95kg:
1- Bányai Levente (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Mihalyfi Akos (Gracie Barra Hungary)

Brown/Black belt OPEN CLASS :

1- Krzysztof Flak (Grappling Krakow)
2- Molnar Gábor (Gracie Barra Hungary)

Womans -65kg:
1- Kovács Alexandra (Gracie Barra Hungary)
2- Karin Czibulova (BJJ Slovakia)
3- Meksz Alexa (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Milica Rajacic (Old School BJJ)

Womans +65kg:
1- Szmolka Nikoletta (Bjj Pécs)
2- Török Csilla (Gracie Barra Hungary)
3- Rafaela Pascoto (Gracie Barra Hungary)

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