Xande Ribeiro Compares ADCC & IBJJF: “Those Who Compete In The Gi…”

Xande Ribeiro Compares ADCC & IBJJF: “Those Who Compete In The Gi…”

What’s better – ADCC or IBJJF?
Well, everyone has their own set of opinions, including one of the greatest of all time, Xande Ribeiro.

The multiple-time IBJJF Worlds and ADCC gold medal winner recently addressed the public’s comments, which have been claiming that his student – Victor Hugo – decided not to compete at the IBJJF Worlds in order to compete in ADCC this year, due to the weakening of the IBJJF.

And, even though Hugo did shift his focus on the ADCC this year, Ribeiro explains that the latter part isn’t true:

Victor Hugo posted today that he will focus on the ADCC, that he will not compete in the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship (IBJJF), and a lot of people appeared commenting that the IBJJF is dead and that the ADCC will take over.

Guys, this is scarcity thinking, I think one completes the other.

There are people who compete better with the gi and others who compete better without, and choose to give priority to one over the other.

Xande continues:

It has nothing to do with one federation being better than the other, because if you compare, being a champion with a gi gives you credentials to fight any event without a gi.

Everyone wants to see a gi champion test themselves in No-Gi.
Let’s see what this year will be like.


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