Craig Jones Leaks (Alleged) Audio From Mo Jassim – Confirming Show Money For ADCC

Craig Jones Leaks (Alleged) Audio From Mo Jassim – Confirming Show Money For ADCC

It appears that Craig Jones, through his Craig Jones Invitational event (CJI) has pressured the ADCC into providing show money for ADCC 2024.

This marks a historical turn of events, as the ADCC has never before provided show money.
What’s more, Jones leaked what appears to be alleged audio from Mo Jassim – ADCC Head Organizer – that apparently confirms the abovementioned news:

Hi guys, I wanted to go over one thing.

So the prize money comes from Abu Dhabi, that’s an ongoing discussion.
I’ve been doing it for a while and I’ll do my best, okay? With that said, there’s something I can do from our end.

2019 (and) 2022 was break-even, this one’s gonna be profitable.
I don’t know how profitable it’s gonna be because we’re going crazy on the show, you guys will see in August, it’s gonna be out of this world.

But my plan is to make sure that every athlete walks away with something.
What that number is, as of now, I’m looking for $2,500 each. So everyone walks away with at least $2,500.

Now if you win your division or something, you don’t get it.
But at least everyone will get that minimum amount.

It could be more, once I have the final numbers in I don’t mind bumping it up even higher.
Just, that’s gonna be the bottom floor.


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What do you think of the ADCC’s decision to provide show money for the athletes?
As well as of Craig Jones taking the credit for it?