[WATCH] MMA Fighter Pukes Mid-Fight & Loses Via TKO

[WATCH] MMA Fighter Pukes Mid-Fight & Loses Via TKO

Well, you don’t see this every day…
Especially not in the octagon.

At Dynasty Combat Sports 91, a preliminary MMA fight took an unexpected turn when one of the fighters, Kafele Mensah, experienced an unfortunate incident during his fight against Josh Spatz.

The amateur lightweight contest, aired on TrillerTV, had a great start – with Mensah appearing to have the upper hand in the opening minutes.
However, the situation changed abruptly when Mensah, after separating from a clinch, began to show signs of discomfort.

Just moments later, Mensah vomited a stream of blue liquid onto the canvas, halting the fight.
His opponent, Spatz, then backed away – allowing the referee to assess the situation.

And, well, the referee made the difficult decision to stop the fight.
He awarded Spatz the victory via TKO, due to the “loss of bodily fluids”.

Check out the unfortunate incident on the video below.
Ever seen anything like it?