[WATCH] Fighter With Down Syndrome Taps Out UFC Fighter

[WATCH] Fighter With Down Syndrome Taps Out UFC Fighter

Alvaro Borges, an athlete with Down syndrome, won an MMA fight against UFC heavyweight contender Jailton Almeida at Demo Fight 18 – by tapping him out!
The charity event took place on January 27, 2023, at CT de Boxe e Artes Marciais in Salvador, Brazil.

Almeida initially took Borges down, but Borges quickly gained control and unleashed a series of ground and pound strikes.
The first round also saw Borges transitioning into a Triangle Choke, demonstrating his impressive grappling skills.

The second round was equally exciting; with Almeida taking Borges down yet again.
However, Borges’ countered Almeida’s move by going for an Armbar – and getting the tap.

Check out the video below:

Following the match, Almeida congratulated Borges on his win:

Guys, unfortunately I couldn’t win. But my congratulations to champion Alvinho Borges. You deserve it so much!!!

Almeida (20-2) is now set to return to the UFC octagon on March 9 at UFC 299, facing #5 heavyweight Curtis Blydes.
This upcoming match is a rebooking of their previously planned headline fight at UFC Sao Paulo.

Almeida is entering this fight following a dominant, yet uneventful decision victory over Derrick Lewis.