This weekend’s Rio Open / International Masters & Seniors Bring In Stars From Past And Present


The Rio Open/ International Masters and Seniors Championship promises to be a great feast forJiu-Jitsu fans in Rio de Janeiro, . The yearly event event will gather the adult blackbelts, masters and seniors who will be on the mat on the weekend of 27 and 28 July at the Tijuca Tennis Club.

Confirmed black belt adults:

n Alan Finfou, Willcox, Theodoro Canal and Adriano Silva, as well as Leonardo Cascão, Isaque Paiva, Kim Terra and Erick Raposo (feather), AJ Agazarm and Caio Cipriano (lightweight), Jake Mackenzie, Luis Gustavo, Bruno Ramos and Augusto “Tio Chico” Vieira(middle), Leandro Lo, Felipe Pena, Rodrigo Fajardo and Kleber Buiú(medium-heavy), Leonardo Maciel, Diogo Almeida and Helvecio Penna (heavy), João Gabriel and Afrânio Silva (super-heavy), Igor Silva, Ricardo
Evangelista and Thiago Gaia(ultra-heavy).

Stars to look out for in  masters:

Felipe Costa and Leandro Escobar (rooster), Douglas Rufino, João Marques and Marcio Oliveira (light featherweight), Denilson Pimenta and Theodoro Canal (lightweight), Adriano Silva and Alan Finfou (middleweight), Paulo Pinto and Rodrigo Pinheiro (medium-heavyweight), Thiago Reinaldo and Gabriel Souto (ultra-heavy).

Among the black belt seniors: Osiris Maia, Adimilson “Juquinha” Brites, Gabriel Willcox and Cicero Costha,

For the full competitor list, schedule, brackets etc clich here