Spencer Stone, Hero Of French Train Attack, Stabbed in California

Spencer Stone, Hero Of French Train Attack, Stabbed in California


A Sacramento TV station reported that Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, who helped take down a gunman on a train in France, was stabbed four times in the chest in Sacramento early Thursday morning.

Air Force spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Karns told Air Force Times:

“A1C Spencer Stone has been transported to a local hospital, and is currently being treated for injury. The incident is currently under investigation by local law enforcement. He is currently in stable condition.”


Sacramento Deputy Police Chief Ken Bernard said Stone was with four other friends – one male and three females – when they got into a dispute with another group of people that culminating in Stone being stabbed.

“He is currently being treated for what appears to be non-life threatening but very significant injuries,” Bernard said during a news conference on Thursday. “The assault does not appear to be a random act. It’s believed to be related to a nightclub incident.”

There are two suspects, described as Asian men.

The Thursday’s stabbing happened about 12:45 a.m. on a Sacramento street corner.

ABC10 Sacramento reported:

The victim suffered “multiple stab wounds to his torso,”

Spencer Stone, US Air Force serviceman who along with two other military stopped a massacre in the high-speed train on the Paris / Amsterdam link, is a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner that trains in Portugal.
Spencer Stone was one of three Americans who wrestled the terrorist to the ground. He was stabbed in the process of disarming the terrorist of an AK 47 rifle with nine magazines.

He used a takedown and choke that he learned while training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Portugal.

Spencer Stone, who works at the US Air Force base of Lajes on Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal, trains at the local branch of Gracie Lisbon there under  instructor Simao Reis, responsible for the local branch of team Gracie Lisbon.