Renzo Gracie Wants To Return To MMA. Dana White Not Impressed.



Renzo Gracie at age 46 wants to return to MMA. He started his career with NHB (Vale Tudo) fights back in 1992, Renzo Gracie is an iconic figure in combat sport. He had a three-fight win streak in 2006-07 under the IFL and EliteXC banners. His last MMA fight was against Matt Hughes, and resulted in a 3rd-round TKO loss at UFC 112.

Renzo’s comments about his return to MMA:

“Believe it, there’s nothing that I want to do more than to be back in the cage, to be back fighting. I just love doing that. Life has been pushing me everywhere but in that direction, but now I’m getting so tired and frustrated with everything else that I’m going to just bury myself into a mat and train the whole day, and do what I love, which is training and fighting. For sure, I’ll be fighting again.
Man, I’ve just begun training again and I’m feeling good. I had a few problems in the family and now I got everything tuned up, everything is getting better. So I’m looking to be in top shape in three or four months from now, and from there I’ll set up a date.”

At the UFC 168 media day, Dana White shared his opinion on Renzo Gracie’s statements.

“I have to ask Renzo Gracie why? Renzo, you’ve been around forever, you’ve accomplished so many things. You have the respect of the entire combat world in every country. I just don’t know why he wants to come back at his age and fight again. I mean, he lost badly to Matt Hughes, who was at the end of his career too.”