Rayron Gracie’s Mom Issues Statement On Date Turned Attempted Murder

Rayron Gracie’s Mom Issues Statement On Date Turned Attempted Murder

Vinicius Batista Serra (27) attacked Elaine Caparroz (55), the mother of Rayron Gracie and widow of the late Ryan Gracie, in her home over several hours.

Caparroz was beaten for four hours in her first date with the young man at her home in Rio de Janeiro. Elaine Perez Caparroz, 55, had several facial fractures after being beaten by Vinícius Batista Serra, 27. The case is covered by Brazilian mainstream media.

According to her, they met on social media and exchanged messages for eight months until they set the first date.

In the hospital, she told how the assaults began: “He said: ‘Lie on my shoulder so that we can sleep tightly to sleep together. Then I said, ‘That’s fine.’ I woke up with him punching me in the face. ”

Elaine said she tried to defend herself, but Vinicius continued the assault. “He tried to choke me, that’s when I put my hands on him so I would not let him finish. Then he bit me, he gave me some absurd bites, so, you know, I started yelling: help, help!”.

The janitor of the condominium was the one who called the police after being alerted by Elaine’s neighbors about the screams. When he arrived, the door was open and the assailant was no longer inside the apartment. The janitor ran the porter and asked the officials not to open the gates so that Vinicius could not escape.

The assailant was arrested for attempted femicide. He said he drank wine, slept and woke up in an outbreak. He was arrested in the act and charged with attempted femicide.

Vinicius Batista Serra is reportedly a brown belt under Brazilian top team who were none too pleased about this happening:

In a statement, the Brazillian Top Team (BTT Lagoa) reported that Vinícius Batista Serra, the aggressor of the businesswoman Elaine Perez Caparroz, never belonged to the official team of the academy.

“BTT, on behalf of its teachers and students, repudiates any act of violence, its vocation is the sport, and as a this imposes discipline and respect for others, “the statement concluded.

The assailant was arrested in the act and, after a custody hearing, is being held in custody at Benfica prison in the northern area. Police said he had a psychotic outbreak and can not remember the episode.
The assaults on Elaine occurred on Saturday. They started around 1am and stretched until almost 5:30 AM. They were punches and bites, among other blows. To the police, Vinicius claimed that he had taken wine before bed with Elaine and freaked out.

Vinícius is 27 years old and a law trainee. In a statement, the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB-RJ) expressed “the deepest condemnation of the case,” recalling the 33 feminicides that occurred in the country in the first 11 days of 2019.

Many members of the Gracie family took to social media to exchange disbelief over what occurred to the woman who gave birth to Raryron Gracie with late Ryan Gracie.

With a pain in the heart I come to talk to you about this episode of attempted murder … You never think you can get so close to us. It is a horrible sensation, with tightness in the chest, hands tied … ⠀
Vinicius Batista Serra, lawyer, resident of Leme, in Rio de Janeiro, brutally assaulted a woman very close to my family in a premeditated way and tried the feminicide.
A monster!

He was caught red-handed and as you would expect from every coward, he is claiming a psychotic outbreak so his lawyers can try a milder sentence. In his last testimony he said that he does not remember anything.
Let justice be done and the penalty for such a grotesque crime is hard! Society and justice can no longer allow such psychopaths to remain unpunished and in contact with society. Please share the photo of this show so that everyone knows who he is.
“It’s unbelievable to
hear from some” what must she have done to him to do it? “What world is that? ⠀
Probably this psychopath must have a history of violence against other women. Report it!
⠀ Step
aside and see the cruelty.

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