Nicholas Meregali “Not Doing This Fight” Against Mica Galvao

Nicholas Meregali “Not Doing This Fight” Against Mica Galvao

Will we see a match between Nicholas Meregali and Mica Galvao anytime soon?
Well, it appears not – as Meregali doesn’t seem to be very enticed by the possibility of a bout against his compatriot.

He shared some rough words about Mica in a recent “MMA Hoje” podcast episode.
Here’s what he had to say (as translated from Portuguese, from Tatame):

I said I would never do that fight, because there are two very different brands and we are very different.
I am very real and he is very fake.

His brand is very much based on humility and overcoming obstacles and coming from the bottom.
I lived in a gym for five years and a lot of people don’t even know it.

Meregali further emphasized his unwillingness to compete against Galvao:

I was very clear with Viktor Doria (the manager), that I won’t fight Mica because of this falsehood.

There’s no money in the world to pay me to fight him.
One because I know I spank him, and second, there’s no one to do it.

It’s going to keep getting bombed and I’m not going to do this fight.


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