News From Lisbon: Changes To The IBJJF Rules For 2014



IBJJF rules meeting In Lisbon, January 2014

The European Open Championship is the first event of the IBJJF competition calendar, and like every year all international referees gather to pass the yearly referee course. Constantly trying the modify the rules to make Jiu-Jitsu more exciting, the IBJJF is once again preparing some changes in 2014.

According to our source, who is an IBJJF referee who attended and passed the course, the rules changes will take place after the Europeans.

The major changes will be the following:

1.For the double guard pull. Athletes will have 20 secs to improve position or stand up or both will receive a penalty. Note if you double guard pull and then come on top you get an advantage anyway.

2.For the 50/50 position, to get 2 points when sweeping, you must open the legs.

3. Single leg take down with the head on the OUTSIDE will no longer be allowed for kids & white belts (ref will just stop & restart, no penalty). For blue to black it is allowed but if the opponent then does a counter takedown (by grabbing the belt like a ‘sumi gaeshi’) then they will be Dqed. (not very clear rule as of yet)

More information to come soon.

Be sure to check the IBJJF rule book.