Newly Promoted Black Belt Magid Hage Taps Out Clark Gracie & Zak Maxwell @ San Diego Trials



At the same time as the IBJJF Europeans, The San Diego Trials for the Worl Pro was underway.Many athletes were competing for a first place spot for an all expense paid trip to Abu Dhabi to mcompete at the World Pro.

One stand-out name was Magid Hage from Gracie Barra who debuted in his first black belt tournament and submitted multiple opponents with a sneaky a baseball choke from bottom. He was able to catch big names such as Clark Gracie and Zak Maxwell with his unexpected choke from the bottom:

The brown/black division finals were fast and ended all by points or referee decisions except for the last match where Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida footlocked James Puopolo in under two minutes.



White/Blue Absolute
1- Erica Plummer-Santana; ticket winner

2- Tara White

3- Ila Erickson

3- Natyna Vidaot

Purple/Brown/Black Absolute
1- Kristina Barlaan; ticket winner

2- Sarah Black

3- Amanda Grummon

3- Chelsea Donner



White Absolute
1- Russel Fouts; ticket winner

2- Max Necochea

3- Russel Delmar

3- Addiweli Buul

Blue Absolute Under 183
1- Rolando Samson; ticket winner

2- Angela Guerrero-Barden

3- Evan Esaki

3- Sebastian Villanueva

Blue Absolute Over 183
1- James Russel; ticket winner

2- Brandon Tucker

3- Lucas Pollard

3- James Harris

Purple Absolute Under 183
1- Michael Liera Jr.; ticket winner

2- Rick Slomba

3- Dominique Hoskins

3- Daniel Stoulfi

Purple Absolute Over 183
1- Mike Carbullido; ticket winner

2- Nisar Loynab

3- David Morehead

3- Louis Villarreal

Brown/Black Absolute Under 183
1- Marcel Goncalves; $500 cash winner

2- Magid Hage

3- Zak Maxwell

3- Ryan Beauregard

Brown/Black Absolute Over 183
1- Gustavo Dias

2- James Puopolo

3- Manuel Diaz

3- Luiz Pedro Ribeiro

Brown/Black Under 143
1- Rafael Freitas; ticket winner

2- Baret Yoshida

3- Geoffrey Villarreal

3- Aaron Buck

Brown/Black Under 163
1- Zak Maxwell; ticket winner

2- Rodrigo Freitas

3- Tanner Rice

3- Marcel Goncalves

Brown/Black Under 183
1- Marcelo Mafra; ticket winner

2- Don Ortega

3- Clark Gracie

3- Ryan Beauregard

Brown/Black Under 202
1- Robert Alencar; ticket winner

2- Eliot Kelly

3- Eduardo Telles

3- Manuel Diaz

Brown/Black Over 202
1- Marcus Almeida; ticket winner

2- James Puopolo

3- Luiz Pedro Ribeiro

3- Gustavo Dias

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