New BJJ Reality Show Organized By Abmar Barbosa

Reality show

Robert Drysdale black belt and owner of crazy guard game, Abmar Barbosa has a lot of new plans for 2013. After Lloyd Irvin’s brown belt Kumite Reality Show that was filmed, Abmar is planning his own show:

Source Gracienag: “My focus now is a reality show that I’m producing. I’ve got a house all set up here in Northern Virginia, USA. From January 15 to December 15, 2013 I’ll be living there with around 12 Jiu-Jitsu athletes who dream of making it as professionals in the gentle art. There are a lot of people with talent and desire but are just missing opportunity and money,” said the athlete.

“Each resident of the house has his obligations to fulfill, like training Jiu-Jitsu three times a day from Monday to Friday. Physical conditioning will be twice a week on days stipulated by conditioning coach Bill Easlick. Saturday is free for the athlete to do as he pleases—he can participate in an open training session or not, as he sees fit. Sunday is for complete rest. The athletes in the house can only break these rules after the 2013 Worlds, and not even think of breaking them before,” he said.

The participants will be from the USA, Brazil and Australia and will be of all belt colors. So far, the athletes confirmed to be there are Abmar, Garret Beck, Allan Rezende, Leandro Marchesin, Jake Driscoll and Marcos dos Santos.

Wait and see for more information