Mikey Musumeci Talks Importance Of Music In Training: “Brings You Into A Zone”

Mikey Musumeci Talks Importance Of Music In Training: “Brings You Into A Zone”

Mikey “Darth Rigatoni” Musumeci, the reigning ONE Flyweight Submission Grappling World Champion, decided to reveal his secret weapon for enduring rigorous training sessions…

Musumeci is now in the final stages of preparation for the much-anticipated openweight submission grappling showdown with the legendary Shinya Aoki, scheduled for October 6 at ONE Fight Night 15.

In a recent chat with ONE Championship, Musumeci opened up about the indispensable role music plays in his training regimen:

I cannot train in silence. That’s the worst thing in the world, when you just hear the mats and people breathing.
I can’t do it. I don’t have the attention span.

And what does Darth Rigatoni listen to, exactly?
Well, his training playlist is as diverse as his grappling skillset:

Depends on my mood. You know, when I’m very dark, I’m into more like Disturbed, Rage Against the Machine, Five Finger Death Punch, like that vibe.
And then other times I’m into religious music, like Christian music.

Then other times I’m into like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears music.

What’s more, the music accompanies Musumeci in the crucial moments before entering the cage.
He shared:

A lot of times, you’ll see me with headphones on when I walk out in ONE Championship, and everyone’s always curious what I’m listening to.

I’m usually listening to religious music. When I walk out, it just makes me at peace.


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