Mikey Musumeci Submits Jarred Brooks With Armbar To Defend ONE Title

Mikey Musumeci Submits Jarred Brooks With Armbar To Defend ONE Title

Mikey Musumeci continues to dominate the ONE Championship flyweight submission grappling division.
His most recent match was against Jarred Brooks, the current ONE strawweight MMA champion… And he won via Armbar!

The match started rather unusually, as Musumeci didn’t pull guard – but was attempting to bait Brook into taking his leg, so that the two could end up on the ground.
Brooks took the bait and got an easy takedown. Musumeci spent quite a bit of time trying to set up attacks from guard. But then, Brooks went for a quick and explosive pass.

Musumeci countered with a leg entanglement entry, but Brooks escaped and landed in Closed Guard.
Mikey inverted from there and went for the legs once again – with Jarred escaping once more and going for a pass.

Musumeci attacked the legs once more, getting the Heel Hook in place. But Brooks proved his defensive abilities again, as he escaped the dangerous position.

Eventually, Mikey got Jarred’s back from Mount. He threatened his opponent with the choke for more than a minute, but Brooks was defending soundly.
The referee stood them back up and Mikey baited Jarred with his leg like in the beginning of the match. When he took the bait, Mikey pulled guard.

With Brooks in his Closed Guard, Musumeci eventually secured a Triangle Choke. As Brooks was defending with his arm underneath, Musumeci eventually exposed it and got an Armbar in place – securing the tap and yet another win to his name.


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