Metamoris is Back: Ralek Gracie Wants AJ Agazarm Superfight To Pay Back Debts

Metamoris is Back: Ralek Gracie Wants AJ Agazarm Superfight To Pay Back Debts

Ralek Gracie made his much awaited Bellator debut on Jan. 21 against French/Japanese fighter Hisaki Kato at The Forum in Inglewood, California, losing the fight by decision.

Ralek is mostly famous for founding Metamoris which initially provided a string of high profile sub only matches with high production value. However the promotion quickly fell into a financial hole and lost backers. His debts (and the horrible rap video he released) make him one of the Most Hated persons in jiu-jitsu today.

Gracie had already announced that he would fight MMA and also get a bank loan in order to pay his debts:

Ralek Gracie: ‘I’m Getting a Loan & Will Pay Everyone Back’

In his latest statement, Ralek Gracie has announced a formal challenge to 2017 ADCC silver medalist AJ Agazarm for a grappling superfight at a new Metamoris event where all the proceeds will go towards covering Ralek’s debts.

I am formally challenging AJ Agazarm to a no-time-limit, submission-only match on November 26th in Denver, Colorado. All proceeds will go toward paying Metamoris athletes.
By pirating our last @metamoris event on his personal Facebook account @thefloridaboy stole money from the very athletes he claimed to be supporting, saying “pay your athletes” in his comments. Here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is Florida boy.
Gi or no-gi your choice.

The animosity between Gracie and Agazarm runs deep. Agazarm competed at Metamoris Underground and was never paid. After waiting for his purse for close to a year, he went public denouncing that Metamoris owed all the athletes their fight purses. He then took it a step further by hacking the Metamoris instagram account and then to top it all off, he facebook live streamed the last Metamoris event which featured Ralek Gracie vs Garry Tonon. By doing so, he sabotaged the show’s pay per view, and put an end to the crumbling Metamoris franchise…Or so we thought. With this announcement, Ralek Gracie has brought Metamoris back from its grave and he intends to pay his debts.

AJ Agazarm has yet to comment at this date.