Man Who Got Beat Up By Mike Tyson On Plane Demands $450K

Man Who Got Beat Up By Mike Tyson On Plane Demands $450K

Melvin Townsend, the man involved in an altercation with Mike Tyson on a JetBlue flight, has issued a demand for $450,000 in damages. This request, labeled as a “shakedown” by Tyson’s lawyer, stems from an incident where the former heavyweight champion was filmed striking Townsend multiple times.

The legal team representing Townsend, led by attorney Jake Jondle, has submitted a pre-litigation settlement demand to Tyson’s representatives.
This demand is for the alleged injuries and damages Townsend sustained during the April 2022 flight from San Francisco to Florida.

Jondle’s letter portrays Townsend as a fan who was merely excited to engage with the 57-year-old Tyson before the situation escalated:

Immediately after the incident, Mr. Townsend had a severe headache and neck pain.
He is still suffering with the effects of the assault to this day.

He could not immediately get medical help because he did not have insurance, and also lost several jobs due to the unfortunate notoriety he experienced.

Jondle emphasized Tyson’s potential to inflict severe injuries given his background, stating:

As a former undisputed heavyweight champion, the potential to cause severe injuries to another person goes without question.

However, Tyson’s attorney, Alex Spiro, has firmly rejected the demand:

I have received a shakedown letter related to some instigator’s harassment of Mike a year ago and the aftermath.
There will be no shakedown payment.