Inside Nicky Rodriguez’s Home Gym: “This Builds Mental Fortitude”

Inside Nicky Rodriguez’s Home Gym: “This Builds Mental Fortitude”

Nicky Rodriguez, the B-Team Jiu-Jitsu standout, recently opened the doors of his private home gym – offering an exclusive look into the training tools he uses to further reinforce his success on the mats.

The tour begins with a custom-made pull-up bar, a testament to his DIY spirit:

It’s also very tall, right? I’m 6’3″, so I needed a pull-up bar so I could really hang on here and do some great stuff.

Moving on, Rodriguez showcases his Concept 2 rower and SkiErg, as well as the Hammer Strength ISO lateral row machine – emphasizing the importance of a strong back in grappling:

I feel as if back is the most important muscle you can have to be strong in the world of grappling.
For my body style, this [Hammer Strength ISO lateral row] is the absolute best machine to engage in the lats.

The assault bike, a staple in many athletes’ regimens, is described by Rodriguez as the “hardest machine” in his gym:

It builds mental fortitude.

He describes a circuit that includes the Hammer Strength row, ski machine, and pull-ups, designed to simulate the unrelenting pace of a BJJ match:

In a match, you don’t really get to pick your breaks.

I like the constant change of pace when I’m lifting.
I like to adjust my lifting to favor myself in the match in competition.

Watch the full video below:

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