Gordon Ryan Says “America Is More Racist Now Than 10 Years Ago”

Gordon Ryan Says “America Is More Racist Now Than 10 Years Ago”

Gordon Ryan has always been vocal about his opinions – on and off the mat alike. Including politics.

And, well, one of his latest social media posts has stirred up quite a debate between both sides of the political spectrum, predominantly in the United States.
Why? Because Ryan stated that “America is more racist now than it was 10 years ago”, pointing the blame to the Democratic Party.

Here’s what he said:

You ever stop to think about the fact that America is MORE racist now than it was 10 years ago and how it is solely due to the media and left wing politics?

Dems are back to full-on work segregation.
Media wants us to hate each other.

America is going backward specifically because of media and left-wing politics.
This is smoke and mirrors to keep us distracted.

Don’t forget that the government, if anyone, is the enemy, not your neighbor.

The comments within the debate that Ryan stirred up range from supportive to outright critical.
For example, one user commented:

You are way too much into jiujitsu and nor having time to study politics…

I’m your fan regarding what you’ve conquered and I support you expressing your opinion.

But it would be nice to have a deeper analysis supported by facts, statistics and studies instead of just loose arguments as you are a influencer for your fan base.

What do you think of Gordon Ryan’s claim(s)?
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