Gordon Ryan Claims That PED Testing Would Ruin Grappling Tournaments

Gordon Ryan Claims That PED Testing Would Ruin Grappling Tournaments

What do you think about performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
Should BJJ athletes be subjected to PED testing – especially by an organization such as the USADA?

Well, Gordon Ryan thinks that grappling tournaments would destroy themselves if they were to individually introduce PED testing.

He explained why in a recent “It’s Time!” podcast episode with Bruce Buffer:

I think if USADA steps into, like, Fight Pass events, for example, it’s gonna ruin Fight Pass events.

And the reason is, is that because if you’re competing in a Fight Pass event or if you’re competing on a Fight Pass Invitational and you’re getting randomly tested, that means now that you’re the only person in the sport who’s getting tested.
And a person who’s competing on Flograppling for example, or ONE Championship, isn’t getting tested.

And so that means you have to be competing natural for those specific events where everyone else in the sport can be on PEDs. That puts you at an extreme disadvantage for no reason unless you’re getting paid exorbitant amounts of money.

In other words, if USADA were to “pop up” in just one tournament/organization (and not in every single one), it would ruin the organization:

If USADA comes into just one organization, it’s gonna pretty much crush that organization and athletes will just not compete in that organization.

I definitely think USADA coming in would have to be across the board rather than just one organization or another.