Gianni Grippo Leaves Marcelo Garcia Academy

Gianni Grippo Leaves Marcelo Garcia Academy


The 2015 Pan/ Abu Dhabi Pro champion Gianni Grippo has just announced that he is leaving Marcelo Garcia Academy in NYC.

A black belt under Marcelo Garcia since 2014, he joined the academy in 2013, after having spent his whole career at Renzo Gracie academy.

Gianni started Jiu-Jitsu at 10 years old as the sole member of Renzo Gracie kid’s program, and started competing  everywhere around the country and also the world.

Gianni has recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English/Creative writing and plans to move to Los Angeles to pursue his career.

He told Flograppling the reasons behind his decision:

In November, I will move to Los Angeles and continue my jiu-jitsu career under Rubens Charles Maciel at Cobrinha BJJ/Alliance Los Angeles.

While I look forward to my future in California, this cannot be seen as a closed door on my time at the Marcelo Garcia Academy.

With the ability to shape my life the way I want, I also realize that nothing in life is set in stone. It is a difficult task for me to walk away from a place that has offered so much for me in my personal life and career.

Marcelo has aided me in various ways; from welcoming me with open arms in 2013 to being there for me every step of the way as I fought for my brown belt world title that same year, to being a prankster when awarding me the black belt in January 2014. I can’t thank the Marcelo Garcia team enough.

The motivation behind my move doesn’t just come with the desire for technical growth on the mat, but professional experience as well. This is the next step in the process of opening my own school, building my own family, and starting my own team.

For a few years now I have had a growing desire to make my own school a reality, and this next step feels like a necessity. This will be a big change for me, as I’ve known nothing but East Coast life. But ultimately, I am confident this is the best direction I could go at this point in my life.

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Gianni faced and lost to his idol Cobrinha at ADCC 2015: