Disgraced MMA Coach Proudly Declares That He’s $5 Million In Debt

Disgraced MMA Coach Proudly Declares That He’s $5 Million In Debt

Widely unpopular MMA coach James Krause has made a surprisingly proud revelation that he is $5 million in debt…
But who’s James Krause, again?

Krause’s downfall began in 2022 when he faced severe repercussions from the UFC, following an investigation into suspicious betting activity surrounding his fighter Darrick Minner’s bout against Shayilan Nuerdanbieke (UFC Vegas 64).

The sudden shift in betting lines just before Minner’s 70-second TKO loss raised red flags – leading to Minner’s release from the promotion.
The UFC banned Krause and issued a warning that any fighter associated with him would face similar consequences.

As the investigation into the gaming scheme goes on, Krause remains indefinitely suspended by the NSAC.
Furthermore, following a fallout with his gym, Krause has redirected his focus from combat sports to real estate.

And now, in a surprising turn of events, Krause has somewhat proudly declared that he is $5 million in debt
Before promoting his real estate business:

I’m in over 5 million dollars of debt and don’t lose a second of sleep over it.
Because of this I learned a few things along the way…
1. Inflation – if you do nothing with your money you are losing it due to the dollar not being worth what it once was even a year ago.
2. Cash flow – all my properties have money left over after ALL bills are paid monthly.
3. Leverage – because I have equity in my properties I’m able to leverage that equity to create lines of credit or more cash to buy more property.
Once I learned how debt worked it changed my life.
If they keep printing money then why wouldn’t you use debt?
If the people running the country are using debt, the largest companies in the world are using debt then why wouldn’t you?
Lastly, once you understand fractional banking and how it works you know that most of this is just numbers on a computer screen anyways but that’s for another post…
One of the many topics to discuss in my real estate coaching group.
If I can help you in any way shoot me a DM!