Dillon Danis Gets Released From Bellator MMA Contract

Dillon Danis Gets Released From Bellator MMA Contract

Dillon Danis is now a free agent – after Bellator released him from their contract.
Ariel Helwani confirmed the news:

Danis had only two professional MMA fights under the Bellator banner, both of which took place in 2019; when he secured two submission victories.
However, it’s worth noting that these wins came early in his career – against opponents with a combined record of 5-8.

After his 2019 fights, several injuries sidelined Danis and prevented an immediate return to the MMA scene.
But that didn’t stop him from venturing into the influencer boxing domain.

Even though his bout against KSI never took place, Danis did end up facing Logan Paul – and earned a disqualification after a lackluster performance.
That isn’t stopping him from continuing to aim high, though.

Danis stated:

A Jiu Jitsu guy with no boxing camp or coach made his debut, never wobbled, never dropped, had no standing 8 count, and rocked you multiple times.
If I were Nina, I’d call off the wedding.

You achieved nothing in your own sport, MMA next. UFC next.

Logan responded in kind:

Honestly nothing to be proud about. That dude sucks, a real c*nt.
I’m gonna go back to living my life but felt good to beat his ass for 6 rounds and let him embarrass himself.