Details Emerge Of The First Hearing In The Leandro Lo Case

Details Emerge Of The First Hearing In The Leandro Lo Case

The first hearing in the case of Leandro Lo took place a few days ago, on March 24.
Most of the details about it still remain a secret; however, TATAME Magazine has acquired access to some of them.

Here’s what the defense lawyer, Claudio Dalledone, focused on [translated from Portuguese] while defending his client, Henrique Velozo:

Lawyer Dr. Claudio Dalledone sought to point out small differences narrated by the witnesses.

However, the discourse of several sources is that the crime happened at night, in a dark environment, full of people around and noisy.

So, the reports would have small variations, which should not affect the construction of the reality of the fact in any way.

And what about the prosecution?

The focus of the prosecution was to present before the judge materials and evidence of authorship.
According to sources, who listened to witness accounts, this was obtained.

There was only one person left to testify, who was a man who had an argument with Henrique Velozo already inside the Syrian Club, shortly before the confusion that ended with the death of Leandro Lo.

The next hearing, according to TATAME, has been scheduled for May 23.
On that date, the last witness will be heard, a person indicated by the defense, as well as Velozo himself.