Dana White Slams Reporter’s Homophobia Insinuation: “Free Speech, Brother”

Dana White Slams Reporter’s Homophobia Insinuation: “Free Speech, Brother”

UFC President Dana White, known for his straightforward and unfiltered opinions, recently made headlines with his defense of free speech during the UFC 297 post-fight press conference.

The event, which concluded with an intense title match between Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis, saw Du Plessis emerge victorious after a grueling five-round battle.
However, during a post-fight press conference, one of the reporters asked a question aimed at White “allowing” for homophobic and similar comments being shared by fighters.

And, well, that did not sit well with Dana White:

Gonna control what people say? Gonna tell people what to believe?
Gonna tell people, I don’t f***ing tell any other human being what to say, what to think, and there’s leashes on any of them.

He emphasized the importance of free speech:

That’s ridiculous to say I give somebody a leash. Free speech, brother.
People can say whatever they want, they can believe whatever they want.

White continued to elaborate, emphasizing that LGBT fighters don’t care what Sean Strickland (who became infamous, in part, due to his stance on the LGBT community) has to say:

We had two gay women who fought in the co-main event. They sat on the stage with Sean Strickland.
They could give a sh*t what Sean Strickland thinks or what he says or what his beliefs are or what his opinions are.

You know what I mean?