Cyborg’s Statement On His Black Belt Who Admited To Sexually Assaulting a Teen

Cyborg’s Statement On His Black Belt Who Admited To Sexually Assaulting a Teen

Police arrested 31-year-old BJJ instructor Marcel Goncalves of Fight Sports Naples on Tuesday for having sex with a teenager.

Goncalves is married, and is the head instructor of Fight Sports Naples where the teen said they had sex. They also reportedly met up at Goncalves’s home.

Police charged Goncalves with sexual assault and sexual battery.

When confronted by deputies on Tuesday, Goncalves confessed to having sexual intercourse with a minor and stated “he does not know what is wrong with him.”

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The report showed the relationship had been going on since December.

Fight Sports Naples owner Keith Rummel stated, Wink news reported:

“I was shocked. We all were shocked. Nobody would ever thought that Marcel would do something like this. Everybody’s really close and taken back by it, and I just can’t believe that this has happened.”

Goncalves, a balck belt with a lengthy list of awards, was immediately fired from the gym and all classes were canceled Wednesday, Rummel said.

Goncalves is a black belt under Roberto Cyborg Abreu and is a Pan Am champion.

Abreu made this statement condemning his student:

“Sexual assault can never be tolerated. This week we learned of horrifying news about an individual who used to represent Fight Sports at one of our affiliate gyms. The actions of this individual do not reflect what I stand for and he will be held responsible for his actions. My heart breaks for the victim and her family. They know they have my full support. I ask that everyone give the victim and her family space and privacy, as they are going through something no one should ever have to experience.”