Craig Jones: “Gordon Is A Technical Beast, But At The Same Time…”

Craig Jones: “Gordon Is A Technical Beast, But At The Same Time…”

Nicky Rodriguez had a spectacular UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 run, beating all of his opponents to win the absolute tournament title.

Following the match, he called out Gordon Ryan to a USADA-tested match.
And Craig Jones is excited about that:

I love that he has done this, because Nicky Rod was able to basically pass a random drug test – he had no idea it was coming.

Furthermore, Jones emphasized that Rodriguez is not on steroids. But that he just has great genetics:

Nicky Rod is just a freak… I would have said that he is on steroids too, but the man just has better genetics than anyone I have ever met.

Don’t use steroids as a crutch. If someone is bigger and better, whatever…
Accept that it is a possibility that they have better genetics.

And if you’re going to be mad at anyone, be mad on your parents for passing on those shi**y genetics.

Ultimately, Jones hopes that the USADA-tested match does happen.

And, even though he believes that Ryan isn’t “who he is” because of steroids but because of technique, he still thinks that the match needs to take place:

I really hope it happens. I really think that if they did do it, it would bring massive media attention.
It would be great for the sport.

I think it would blow up the sport more than anything that anyone has ever done.
But we know that Gordon is not going to take that match.

I, personally, don’t think Gordon is who he is because of steroids. He is a technical beast…
But at the same time, put your money where your mouth is. Take on Nicky Rod and let’s see what happens.