College Wrestler (20) Dies After Being Denied Water During “Punishment Practice”

College Wrestler (20) Dies After Being Denied Water During “Punishment Practice”

The University of the Cumberlands (Kentucky, USA) has agreed to pay $14.1 million to the family of Grant Brace, a 20-year-old college wrestler who passed away back in 2020 – after “punishment practice” on the mats.

Specifically, this practice involved coaches requiring wrestlers to sprint up and down the so-called “punishment hill” for sever rounds.
Brace completed a number of these rounds, before sitting down due to being exhausted.

The lawsuit alleged that Brace was repeatedly asking for water from the coaches.
However, the coaches refused to let him hydrate and also did not allow anyone else to help him. They ultimately sent the college student out of the facility on his own.

Brace then attempted to get water from a nearby fountain, which was out of service.
Also, he attempted to enter a nearby building, trying to get help, but was unable to enter – and collapsed to the ground shortly after.

Around 45 minutes after they’ve removed him from training, the coaches went to look for the 20-year-old.
Tragically, they found him, as the report states, “with his hands clenched in the grass and dirt after a desperate and erratic search for assistance and water”.

The University chancellor expressed words of sorrow for what had happened:

Grant was a talented, well-liked young man entering his junior year with a bright future ahead of him.

Our University community continues to mourn his untimely loss.
We sincerely hope that resolving this matter early in the legal process will offer the Brace family a measure of peace and healing.