Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett: The Most Controversial MMA Fighter?

Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett: The Most Controversial MMA Fighter?

Do you know the story of Charles Bennett, known as “Krazy Horse”?

He is a veteran MMA and bare knuckle fighter, who currently fights in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC)
And is said to be one of the most controversial and problematic professional MMA athletes.

Bennett has been competing in MMA ever since 1999. He’s been in numerous rings and octagons, including PRIDE FC, Rizin, EliteXC, King Of The Cage, World Extreme Fighting, ShoXC, and Jorge Masvidal‘s Gamebred Fighting Championship.

So far, Bennet – also known for his another nickname, “Felony” – accrued an overall MMA and bare knuckle record of 30 wins and 43 losses, as well as 2 draws.


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However, there is another side to the story. “Krazy Horse” is one of the most controversial athletes in the history of MMA – he was arrested an outstanding 14 times.

The first time he was arrested was back in 1999, when he was charged for selling cocaine. Ever since that, he’s been charged for things such as assaulting sparring partners, burglary, and an aggravated battery of a pregnant woman.
Despite his problematic past, though, Bennett keeps competing in the ring. And it doesn’t seem that he’ll be stopping anytime soon.

Watch the video below for a more thorough understanding of Bennett’s colorful career and run-ins with the law:

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