Catch Wrestling World Champ Pushing To Face Gordon Ryan in a 1st to 10 Wrestling Match

Catch Wrestling World Champ Pushing To Face Gordon Ryan in a 1st to 10 Wrestling Match

When you are a champion, you are sure to receive many challenges from all corners.

Gordon Ryan has been interacting more and more with his fans. Recently after an exchange with AJ Agazarm he revealed he hadn’t been training wrestling prior to infamous duel with Leandro Lo. Perhaps the most anticipated rematch of the ADCC that wasn’t was called into question.

Which when Ryan revealed he is now very confident in his stand up – in fact so confident he believes he could beat anyone in this ruleset:

His challenge was answered by Curran Jacobs who is the 2017 World Catch wrestling champion, and former Michigan State Spartans’ team captain and has recently called out Barnett stating that he has never even competed in Catch Wrestling and that he is all hype:

Catch Wrestler Exposes Josh Barnett: He’s Never Even Competed in Catch Wrestling…Ever!

At the 2017 Frank Gotch World Catch Wrestling Tournament in Humboldt, Iowa, Curran Jacobs of Michigan submitted accomplished wrestler and MMA veteran Travis Wiuff twice in one day to take first place

Curran has been chasing Ryan all over social media and eventually got an answer from Ryan:

Curran after not getting an immediate answer accuses Ryan of backing out:

Catch Wrestling vs. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Ryan eventually answered that Curran should find a promoter who would pay:


Curran Jacob’s submitting UFC vet and wrestler Travis Wiuff in a Catch Wrestling match:

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