BJJ Blue Belt Scam in India Led by “7th Degree Black belt in MMA”

BJJ Blue Belt Scam in India Led by “7th Degree Black belt in MMA”

BJJ in India is growing at a steady rate with a small but tight knit community of legit practitioners that have learned the art from abroad,and are now promoting the art, but at the same time being careful of not selling out.

The Indian BJJ community was shocked and surprised to find out that on June 29th 2017 a blue belt (if at all he is even a blue belt) Shihan Gurwant Singh Ladhi conducted a seminar in New Delhi to promote his new BJJ organisation in India. This day long session was both a referee and as well as a training seminar. The flyer mentioned even before the seminar that there would be grading.

Everyone in the poster is a white belt except for the Gen Sec who seems to be a blue belt (again apparently because there is no proof) from the US. However most of his pics (attached later) intentionally make it seem like he is a black belt. The Gen sec’s profile also attached below mentions that he is a 7th Dan black belt in MMA!!! (Link
https://sites.google.com/site/wwwikdfusa/) .

Everyone in the posted above is from a Karate background and after making karate a dirty business in India these people have brought on the same lack of ethics to BJJ.

After this seminar everyone who was willing to pay for the seminar was awarded their blue belts. Having been involved in the Indian BJJ scene for a while I can safely say that neither of the new blue belts have never rolled once in their life.

This grading was just to diminish the important of the blue belt which was the measuring stick in authentic BJJ schools in the country. These karate guys didn’t want to wear white belts in their own academies and hence the promotions.

A lot of the same people were involved in the problem with same young Indian grapplers who were in custody in Belarus due to missing passports which was covered by BJJEE last year. Whilst this a new organisation, most of the people involved are the same.

You can also see how the blue belts have tied their belts!!!

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