Bellator’s Johnny Elben Slams Gordon Ryan: “There’s A Reason Your Health Sucks”

Bellator’s Johnny Elben Slams Gordon Ryan: “There’s A Reason Your Health Sucks”

Johnny Eblen, current Bellator middleweight champion, took it to social media to address Gordon Ryan’s recent statements about PED use in professional MMA.

Ryan said that athletes would be healthier due to PED use.
And, well, Eblen decided to speak against that:

Not that I’m trying to stir up any unwarranted drama, but Gordan Ryan just stated that MMA should allow athletes to be on steroids because it would supposedly make it more entertaining.

Hey bro, there’s a reason your health sucks and it has a lot to do with you wanting to be an “entertainer”. Athletes are humans too and there’s a life after fighting.
Steroids and other performance enhancers destroy the possibility of a good functioning life as you age.

You took that sh*t, and now you’re stuck, and you want to bring the rest of us down with you.
I really hope MMA organizations can see an obvious set of liabilities that come from more brain damage and body damage when athletes retire.

Eblen continued:

One thing is taking steroids when you grapple, and another is when you’re getting punched, kneed, elbowed and kicked in the face.

It’s convenient you say this sh*t about steroids while you’re grappling but not fighting.

He then called Ryan out for claiming that he’s the “GOAT”, though he uses PEDs:

How can you be considered the goat if in order to train you had to be on steroids?
You’re telling me the guy on the right really would know what he knows about grappling had he not been on the sauce?

Don’t get me wrong, dudes amazing at what he does, but literally can’t do anything without steroids.