Andre Galvao: “My Training For My ADCC Superfight With Braulio Starts Today.”


The reigning weight and absolute of the ADCC , Andre Galvao will once again participate in the largest Grappling World Championship, which will take place on October 19 in Beijing, China. The Atos black belt will face Braulio Estima in the event’s superfight.

In an interview with Tatame (in Portuguese), the athlete revealed that he has not yet started  his peparation for the tournament since he had been focused on preparing Anderson Silva for his fight against Chris Weidman , at UFC 162, on July 6, when the Brazilian ended being surprisingly defeated.

Galvão also twice won the World Jiu-Jitsu championships and is considered one of the great names in the history of the sport. Asked about the potential of Marcus Buchecha , who is the current absolute champion and on a possible way to being one of the best ever, Galvao did not reveal any specific strategy on how to beat him:

“The secret is to be confident. He is in his moment. It is his time, “he said.

For many involved in the gentle art, Buchecha may be the greatest fighter in history. On this topic, Andrew chose to wait for a few years, but did not rule out this possibility.

“Look, I don’t know, but if he keeps working hard, I guess he will be. Why not? We’ll know that only in a few years, “he added.

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