ADXC 2: Bruno Lima Faces Manuel Ribamar In A Portugal vs. Brazil Main Bout

ADXC 2: Bruno Lima Faces Manuel Ribamar In A Portugal vs. Brazil Main Bout

Set to take place in the UAE’s capital on January 19th, the ADXC 2 boasts a meticulously prepared card, aiming to bring another grappling show filled with exciting duels to fight fans.

Supported by the AJP‘s technical insight, the organization decided to follow the tradition set by the debut tournament and host two main events.
In the Jiu-Jitsu main bout, Portugal and Brazil clash as Bruno Lima rises to face the experienced Manuel Ribamar.

One of last season’s highlights, Bruno Lima will bring the Portuguese flag to the UAE, ready to share even more of his grappling achievements with his European homeland.

After his astounding campaign at the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2023, which ended with a victory over the former champion Uanderson Ferreira, Bruno attracted the spotlight and cemented himself as one of 2023’s revelations in the black belt category.

On the other side of the famous ADXC cage, Manuel Ribamar will be ready to add another title to his long list of achievements in the sport
A two-time ADGS champion in the US and with countless medals earned in AJP tournaments, Manuel will be fully stocked with traps and techniques to pump the brakes on his younger foe’s explosive style.

His calm and collected demeanor, coupled with the resourcefulness of an experienced combatant, might be the deciding factor in the upcoming duel.

It’s worth remembering that the match between Bruno Lima and Manuel Ribamar is just one of the two main events that will take place during the ADXC2.

The Submission Main Event, which will close the event, will be headlined by Aljamain Sterling facing Chase Hooper.
The card will also feature two co-main events, five fights in the main card, and another five in the preliminary set.

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