ADGS Rio: Black Belt Finals Light Up The Third And Final Day Of The Tournament

ADGS Rio: Black Belt Finals Light Up The Third And Final Day Of The Tournament

The last day of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro gifted the crowd at the Arena Carioca 1 this Sunday, June 11th, with the highest level of international Jiu-Jitsu. With the gold medal on the line, over a thousand athletes stepped onto the battlefield to fight for glory and renown.
Well-known names, AJP veterans, and even brand-new faces stepped up to the mats with a singular goal in mind: to become an ADGS Champion.

The black belt matches took over the five fight areas on the third day, with the finals acting as a closer to the tournament and providing the crowd at the arena, and those that watched the event live at AJP.tv, with an even greater spectacle.

ADGS Rio celebration

Check the lines below for the highlights of each category, and for the complete results, click here!



56kg – Oziel Carvalho vs. Faris Kashmeeri

Oziel took the gold at home in a technical duel against Saudi Faris. Oziel scored first by going up on the double pull. The combat returned to its feet and Oziel pulled. Faris tried to pass at the end of the fight, but Oziel took the opportunity to go up and score another point, closing the score at 2-0 to take the Grand Slam gold.

62kg – Leonardo Mario vs. Wagner Chrispim

An intense duel between Leonardo and Wagner. Leonardo started on top, putting pressure on Wagner’s half-guard. After releasing the leg from the half-guard, Leonardo slipped straight to the back and locked a rear naked choke to take the win. A submission and top of the ranking for Leonardo Mario.

69kg – Alessandro Botelho vs. Matheus Onda

An athlete from Melqui Galvão Jiu-Jitsu, Alessandro “Cavalo” Botelho showed a lot of grit when he beat Matheus Onda in the 69kg final. Matheus pulled guard and went up with good grips to open the score at 2-0. Alessandro then put on a one-leg guard and used the hook to get up on the single-leg with the lapel, going down to complete the sweep. Matheus attacked with an omoplata lock and Alessandro struggled for a few minutes, until he got rid of the submission attempt and scored two points from the inversion, tying the match at 2-2. Being the last to score, Alessandro took the victory and the gold in the 69kg division.

77kg – Luiz Paulo Medeiros vs. Leandro Souza

A hectic duel between Luiz and Leandro. Luiz Paulo pulled, Leandro responded with an attempted loop choke, and Luiz seized the opportunity to go up with 2-0 on the scoreboard. Luiz then broke the grips and decoupled, putting pressure on top to pass, hit the side, and secure another point, closing the score at 3-0 with the gold medal.

85kg – Uanderson Ferreira vs. Pedror Silva

Uanderson and Pedro clashed in the explosive final round of the 85kg division. Pedro opened the scoreboard with a loop choke attempt, which Uanderson promptly defended, but that still put the former ahead by 1-0. Uanderson attacked the arm tying the score, and sweep for each side put the scoreboard at 3-3, with Uanderson on top. He then scored again close to the end, almost passing the guard, to win by 4-3 in his hometown.  

94kg – Marcos Carrozzino vs. Vinicius Liberati

Featured at the top of the AJP rankings, Marcos Carrozzino returned to his motherland after dominating in Europe, putting his sights set on the ADGS Rio gold. In the final, against Vinicius Liberati, Marcos started on top and received a point, after Vinicius was punished for an inside-pants grip. Marcos worked safely on top and kept the winning score at 1-0.

120kg – Yatan Bueno vs. Luis Oliveira

Yatan Bueno and Luis “Cantareira” Oliveira had the last fight of the day, with Luis pulling guard and Yatan gunning for the side, looking for a space to pass. When he reached the side control, without pointing for the pass, Yatan went straight to the back and strangled Luis in one go, taking both the win and the division gold.


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49kg – Eliana Carauni vs. Brenda Larissa

Argentina’s Eliana Carauni got the better of AJP World Pro Champion and division favorite Brenda Larissa. In a duel disputed to the smallest detail, both in regulation time and in the golden score, Eliana defeated her opponent by convincing the referees that she was more effective throughout the fight, taking the gold via decision.

55kg – Beatriz Campos vs. Evellyn Azevedo

Beatriz started the fight pulling to a lasso-guard and quickly spun to climb up. Evelyn attacked with her foot during the spin, putting the match at 2-1. Beatriz then scored one more point in the attempt to pass the guard and closed the scoreboard at 3-1 to take the division title.

62kg – Vitoria Vieira vs. Maria Luiza Delahaye

Vitória was the big name in the 62kg division. In a duel against Maria Delahaye, Vitória pulled her opponent’s leg to the 50/50 guard and climbed safely. On top, Vitória spun aiming at Maria’s foot, attacking with a toehold to secure the title via submission.

70kg – Ingridd Sousa vs. Thalyta Silva

Thalyta opened the fight by pulling to a closed guard. Ingridd escaped, but Thalyta dangerously switched from lasso-guard to spider-guard. Thalyta then entered the one-leg and accidentally swung her leg off the centerline of Ingridd’s body, over her knee, which is classified as an illegal move. Thalyta was disqualified and Ingridd took gold in the 70kg division.

95kg – Isabely Lemos vs. Roberta Ribeiro

With just a few days as a brown belt, Isabely managed to climb all the way to the brown/black 95kg final. In the duel against Roberta Ribeiro, who tried to pull guard from the get-go, Isabely seized the opportunity to spin and avoid a fall in the double-leg, leaving the score at 1-0 and controlling from behind Roberta, who used the turtle position to defend herself. With a quick move, Isabelly jumped for a collar choke, taking the win and the division title.


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