Yuri Simoes In – Nogi IBJJF Grand Prix Two Spots Left

Yuri Simoes In – Nogi IBJJF Grand Prix Two Spots Left

Yuri Simoes is the latest invitee into the IBJJF Grand Prix nogi for a chance to win upto 40.000 USD.



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This should be fun @ibjjf #NoGi

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Simoes joins Gordon Ryan, Buchecha, Leandro Lo, Lucas Hulk Barbosa and Mahmed Aly in the killed tournament.
There are only 2 spots left in this 8 man tournament. It all kicks off on August 24th at the Evexia Fit Fest in Las Vegas, NV.

Commenters seem to be excited about the possibility of Felipe Preguica Pena entering the bracket. Beyond him – it’s unclear who else will be entering.

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