Wrestling Legend Dan Gable: ‘They Say Wrestling Isn’t For Everybody, But I Say It Should Be’

Wrestling Legend Dan Gable: ‘They Say Wrestling Isn’t For Everybody, But I Say It Should Be’

Dan Gable is best known for his coaching accolades (including 15 NCAA team team titles for university of Iowa) but the legend is primarily forged on a career that totaled only one lost match in his entire collegiate career. Gable even managed to snag an Olympic gold medal without giving up a single point back in 1972. At one point he used the term “horse with blinders” to describe himself in regards to wrestling. His “attack, control, execute” philosophy is a dead ringer for success. The man behind the Gable Grip helped redefine an entire generation.

Still Gable is a firm believer that wrestling is for everybody and not just select few:

 “They say wrestling isn’t for everybody, but I say it should be,” said Gable when discussing some of his insights early on. “We’re the only sport out there where you have to make a weight class, whether you go up or down you have to learn and understand nutrition to meet weight. It’s also one of the sport that takes quite a bit on endurance, combining track and field, swimming and other activities.”

 “You can’t slough up, everybody sees you,” Gable said. “It’s like being a good business person in life. You’re there in your business and you kind of decide the results, and have a lot to do with them. Every time out in a wrestling match you’re in the decision process along, going against a competitor out there in front of everyone. You face nervousness and jitters that you learn to overcome, and then you either win or lose.”


Gable also addressed how the sport seems to be catching on with women:

“It’s a little bit harder to understand too until you get in there,” Gable said. “It was mostly one-sided, primarily being male based in the beginning. Now it’s starting to see some females join the mix, but Iowa is a little conservative on that yet, but we’re going to pick up on it. We have 100 or so females competing in Iowa, but that’s not enough to warrant a State championship. The females are finding out it’s good for their confidence and can be used as self-defense.”

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