WNO 22 Results & Review: Brazilian Gi Competitors Dominate

WNO 22 Results & Review: Brazilian Gi Competitors Dominate

The no-gi competitions hosted by WNO showcase an exceptionally high caliber of athletes and matches. Gala number 22 can be considered a success.

There were several unexpected outcomes, including Victor Hugo’s victory over Nick Rodriguez in a deciding contest. Notably, Rodriguez had previously been viewed as the sole competitor capable of challenging Gordon Ryan for supremacy in his weight class.

Brazilian champions dominated the event. All of them are world champions in both Gi and Ni Gi Jiu-Jitsu.

Official Results:

Victor Hugo defeated Nick Rodriguez via judges’ decision

Mica Galvao defeated Kenta Iwamoto by submission (belt fight)

Diego “Pato” Oliveira defeated Dante Leon by twister (fight for the belt)

Tainan Dalpra defeated Oliver Taza via judges’ decision

Adele Fornarino submitted Amanda “Tubby” Alequin with an Aoki lock

Jacob Couch defeated Sebastian Rodriguez by twister

Elijah Dorsey defeated Ivan Herrera through positional dominance

Daniel Sathler submitted Max Hanson

Ashlee Funegra defeated Marilyn Cruz via judges’ decision

Dory Aoun defeated Kyle Chambers via judges’ decision