Werdum Wants To Know If Gordon Ryan Has Insurance Ahead Of CJJ Fight Night

Werdum Wants To Know If Gordon Ryan Has Insurance Ahead Of CJJ Fight Night

Gordon Ryan’s medical status has become a point of inquiry. The ADCC medalist is set to duel another accomplished fighter and grappler i Fabricio Werdum in late February.

Ahead of the duel Werdum pondered what Ryan’s insurance situation is like:

Werdum also added he believed Yuri Simoes had bested Ryan at Nogi worlds?!

The 4 men CJJ tournament still has a 4th participant not announced. It was briefly suggested it would be Vinny Magalhaes however it’s looking like it might not be the case.

Josh Barnett is the 3rd confirmed participant of the tournament set to happen in Mexico which brings up several questions such as – will there be upkicks? And also who exactly is sanctioning this event?


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The king of ebi is returning.. and the result will be no different. @combatjiujitsufn

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