Valentina Shevchenko’s High Performance Diet: ‘Eating Cake & Nothing After 5pm’

Valentina Shevchenko’s High Performance Diet: ‘Eating Cake & Nothing After 5pm’

UFC champion Shevchenko was recently a guest on the Joe Rogan podcast where she among other things, described her unusual diet.

Although Shevchenko takes her diet very seriously, she attributes eating cake and not eating anything after 5 pm to her success .

She has 4 to 5 daily meals which are clean and nutrient-dense, including age-old, trusted foods like oatmeal, egg whites, chicken breast, rice, and plenty of veggies.

Her 3 main meals usually have protein, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Her 2 snacks are usually fruit or veg. She takes coffee and her favorite cake. She also drinks plenty of water.

Typical day:

Shevchenko starts her day with classics: oatmeal, egg whites, coffee and juice.

Main meals (lunch and dinner)
Shevchenko’s lunch and dinner are similar, frequently chicken breast, salad, other vegetables, and rice.

Shevchenko eats every few hours. Between meals, she’ll often recharge with some fresh or dried fruit.

Shevchenko eats clean, but she also has treats such as cakes and coffee.

“My key for successful diet”

In this video, Thomas DeLauer explains why her diet is so succesful. It has a lot to do with her time restricted eating, or intermittent fasting.

ntermittent Fasting is the process of cycling periods in which you eat with periods that you don’t eat. These short fasting windows cause your body to produce a multitude of hormonal responses – responses that you can use to boost your fighting  performance.
Here’s a really good scientific explanation of how it works:

Tom DeBlass:

People “What is the easiest way for me to lose weight?”
Me “stop eating bread and pasta and drink a gallon of water a day”
People “But I love bread and pasta and a gallon seems like so much!”
Me “ok stay fat and don’t waste my time.”

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