Unique Beach Camp w/ Andre & Angelica Galvao & Clark Gracie in Antalya, Turkey

Unique Beach Camp w/ Andre & Angelica Galvao & Clark Gracie in Antalya, Turkey

Get ready for a unique Beach BJJ camp in beautiful Antalya, Turkey with 3 of the most sought after BJJ instructors & world champions:

Andre & Angelica Galvao and Clark Gracie.

These superstars will share their secrets and show their winning games.

The camp will offer an exclusive opportunity: 1 week of Brazilian jiu-jitsu training with the World’s Best at the exclusive Nashira Resort hotel which is located waterfront, having a private beach, operating in the concept of all inclusive. Geographic location in which the hotel is located, is one of the rare places in the world, it has a natural coolness due to its micro climate. next to beautiful Mediterranean sea in Antalya.

Their instructor’s impressive resumes:

Andre Galvao
5x World Champ
European Champ
ADCC Champ

Angelica Galvao
World No-GI Champ
Abu Dhabi Pro Champ

Clark Gracie
Pan Champ
World Masters Champ
World Nogi Champ
Abu Dhabi Champ

Camp organizer is Ertan Balaban, BJJ black belt and head instructor of Balaban Academy in Istanbul:

This camp will be in Antalya so you can expect a good holiday with sunlight in April. So this is a good mid-year vacation.
I don’t have to talk about the instructors, they are very special people…and training with these instructors twice a day for a week I believe this will take you to next level in BJJ.

I think everyone will focus on training and only relaxing which is worth months of training I think. Sometimes we can’t get away from real life to improve more and this is a good opportunity for this. We wanted most of the people to come so we made it a lot cheaper than camps in same level. Piece includes everything so once you pay this and buy your plane ticket, we take care of rest of the stuff.

Whoever wants to join, they should email us and we will get swift payments which is a lot safer and faster than credit cards. If they want to bring their family we have very good discounts for people who does not train.

We don’t care where you from, which team you are from, and what your BJJ level. You are more than welcome to join us. And I guarantee you this will be one of the best experiences and vacations!!!

Thank you for the support.

Guests will enjoy training in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the luxury hotel. You will have good time between trainings.

Whatever your level of jiu-jitsu, wherever you come from and whichever team you represent, you are welcome in this camp.

This is an incredible opportunity to elevate your game and improve your skills to the next level.

Early booking is essential to reserve your space on the camp as we expect it to sell out quickly. Earlier you pay, cheaper it will be. Registrations can be done HERE.