UFC Middleweight Promoted Himself To Blue Belt in BJJ

UFC Middleweight Promoted Himself To Blue Belt in BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is far from being as serious and strict as other forms of martial arts. The main reason is probably due to the fact of it being a martial art/sport that has mostly been developed in Brazil. It would be unavoidable for it not to be influenced by the personality and laid back way of living of the Brazilian people. This also translates to the way BJJ belts are graded. Surely there are very positive and also not so positive points that come with it and this is what helped to form the way our beloved sport goes nowadays.

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Roman Dolidze is a UFC middleweight with a rich grappling background. He played soccer for eight years, the last three years of which spent as a professional goalkeeper. At the age of 20, he moved to Ukraine to study, and started training in Sambo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and eventually grappling. He went on to become the World Grappling Champion and the European Grappling Champion under United World Wrestling rules, as well as becoming the ADCC Asia & Oceania Champion at 99 kg (218 pounds) in 2016. This earned him a spot in the prestigious ADCC Worlds Tournament in 2017, however he was defeated in the first round. At age of 28, he started to train in MMA.

Doolidze has an MMA record consisting of 12 wins and 2 losses.

Craig Jones tells the story of how Doolidze who was back then ungraded in BJJ, went to a famous BJJ academy and was denied training with the pro BJJ group. He took matters into his own hands and promoted himself to blue belt in BJJ:

“I remember him telling me a story. I won’t name the gym because that gym probably going to get upset with me.”

“At this time, he was a white belt, I believe. He showed up at a high level gym in the United States.”

“And they wouldn’t let him do the pro class. And I remember he was training separate to the pro class with some of the pros.”

“And he heel hooks like a multiple time black belt world champion. And then just left and gave himself a blue belt.”


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