Travis Stevens’ 5 Favourite Takedowns for BJJ

Travis Stevens’ 5 Favourite Takedowns for BJJ

The USA’s Travis Stevens, probably the hardest working judoka around, has taken home a silver medal in the 2016 Olympic games.

Travis Stevens when asked why he focuses on the Ground Game (Newaza), he answered:

“Because nobody else is doing it.”

He showed great Newaza and was able to win 3 matches with ground techniques: 2 by pins and 1 by bow and arrow choke.

In his third Olympics, Travis Stevens achieved what no other male American did, get a silver. The fifth seeded Stevens, won his first three matches during the preliminary rounds of the men’s 81kg tournament. During two of these matches the Judo and BJJ black belt was able to defeat his opponents with his superior ground game

In this video, Stevens shows his 4 favourite takedowns for BJJ:

Shoulder drag
Ankle pick
Arm drag
Cross grip to Kouchi Ankle pick
Cross grip back take.

You can watch directly with time stamp:

6:05 – trouble shooting the shoulder drag takedown.
10:45 – ankle pick.
18:30 – arm drag.
27:20 – cross grip to kouchi ankle pick.
33:42- hand fighting from the cross grip to back take.
41:42 – cross grip vs cross grip.

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